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In Singapore I'm Juliet sali And I'm Brian Curtis I'm in Los Angeles normally based in Hong Kong and looking at the Asia Pacific We do see losses across the board to me these losses feel a bit fragile like they may not last I often argue from the bullish side you probably know that if you listen to the show a lot But looking at TSMC's earnings a pretty solid and also the projections going forward and Jules just told us a few moments ago about fast retailing coming in that stock is up about 6.6% this morning So we'll see it is a Friday and you know we did have a lot of hawkish sounds coming out of the fed Juliet Well more fed officials sounding off on inflation Chicago fed president Charles Evans saying the fed could hike interest rates four times this year That's if inflation data doesn't improve quickly enough We need to get inflation back down in the ballpark of our 2% objective I think it's probably going to be at the end of this year It's going to be elevated I don't think it's going to be 3% at the end of this year And I think it's more likely to be two and a half as measured by the personal consumption expenditure Meanwhile outgoing fed vice chairman Richard clarendon said the Central Bank's plans to raise interest rates this year is justified within its new policy framework He added that once his supply chain problem eases the current inflation will prove to be largely transitory And up next U.S. retail sales numbers for December that'll be coming tomorrow morning at 8 30 Wall Street time Bloomberg's Michael McKee has a preview The Obama crime variant will weigh on the retail sales numbers as many bars and restaurants were forced to close during the holiday season Gasoline prices and auto sales also declined dealers struggling to get cars but it does appear core sales were strong Everything from toys to sporting goods and clothing Americans incomes were bolstered by a government fiscal aid and rising wages particularly at the lower end of the income spectrum the not so necessarily good news is retail sales will also benefit from soaring inflation as sales are reported in dollar figures Michael McKee Bloomberg daybreak Asia China Evan has dodged another bullish the developer avoiding what would have been its first to fall on a public on shore Bond Bloomberg Steven engel tells us more They had requested investors vote yesterday Thursday to a 6 month delay on a early payment schedule That was originally due January 8th Now the majority of those voters of investors yesterday approved it So we're assuming that that means it is a 6 month delay in that payment on the $707 million bond But again it just pushes things down the road further Have a ground has more than $300 billion in liabilities as of mid 2021 it has been prioritizing payments to migrant workers and suppliers based under orders from regulators to fend off any risk of social unrest Let's check in on markets We are seeing weakness across the board in a K two two 5 down by 1.3% We were mentioning uni clothes on a fast retelling though rising the most in March 2020 after its first quarter beat And we've seen the Japan 5 year note yield rise to its highest since January 2016 On Wall Street though it was a story about these tech shares tanking the NASDAQ down two and a half percent led by losses in Microsoft and Tesla and we saw treasuries jump with the ten year yield below 1.7% but it's not 1.71% The fed's Christopher Walla also saying that three 2022 rate hikes are still a good baseline We're looking ahead to the bank of Korea it may leave its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 1% according to Bloomberg economic signing the impact of omicron They think that that rate hike could be pushed out until February the be okay entering 2022 with a focus on reigning in inflation as is the theme across most of the globe of course it ended 2021 will above its 2% target Also just getting some data out of Australia with home loan values up 6.3% in November invest our own occupy loan values up 7.6% When it comes to the equity market in Sydney down 9 tenths of 1% South Korea's cost be off by 8 tenths of 1% WTI oil just under $82 a barrel and Brian the yen at a 114 to the dollar Yeah so we've seen some strength for sure in the Japanese yen All right it is now just about 34 minutes past the hour It's time for global news Well workers vaccine mandates on U.S. government orders have been struck.

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