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F. M. Pollock pines from ABC news I'm Richard Cantu all in favor say aye I pose no yeah it's fair to have it the I still have the Senate passing a fourth pandemic stimulus package president trump hailing it tonight ministrations worked aggressively with Congress to negotiate this critical four hundred eighty two billion dollar funding package a lion share going to the program providing forgivable loans to small businesses that keep workers on the payroll during pandemic related shutdowns democratic senator Chuck Schumer says they delayed passing the bill two weeks to make sure the smallest companies could actually get the payroll protection loans two out of three loans in New York were ignored by the mom and pops the small businesses the restaurants in the barber shops Democrats negotiated the deal directly with the White House which also includes hospital in testimony in the field ABC news Washington we've learned that not a lot of small businesses got a lot of money from the first round of the payroll protection program an Associated Press investigation finding that of the three hundred and forty nine billion dollars and relief meant for small businesses at least seventy five companies that were helped are so big that they're publicly traded and some had market values greater than a hundred million dollars big chains like Ruth's Chris got money before the pot ran out last week A. B. C.'s devotion sonic the precipitous drop in crude oil prices continued and treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin said the administration may go to Congress to help big oil president has asked me to work with the secretary of energy obviously the energy business is very important to us this has national security issues the Mexican food chain supposedly agreed to pay a record twenty five million dollar fine to the federal government to settle criminal charges after food borne illness outbreaks that sickened more than eleven hundred people between twenty fifteen and eighteen you're listening to ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK California is nearing another grim milestone in the coronavirus fight nearly thirty six thousand cases reported Tuesday and at least another sixty people also lost their lives as more are now in the hospital and I see you these are all numbers that need to drop in order for the state to re open the coronavirus crisis is hitting California assisted living homes especially hard state officials confirm more than eight hundred fifty residents and staff have tested positive the most severe outbreaks are in Contra Costa county and Los Angeles after five weeks of the state locked down some California communities are trying to find a new normal all neighborhood parks in San Diego re opened Tuesday with restrictions Ventura county also re open some businesses and is allowing certain gatherings to take place for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast app for the latest news and information I need a massage yes.

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