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All right we are back just touching eight w before we get out of here super short segment but we gotta pay the bills so we put our breaks supposed to be. We appreciate you guys are sticking around dray. Touch on cody gets crushed by malachi. Black super squash match tries to put his boots down in the ring. Blankets and with a crutch cody obviously is retiring. Boot's i'm completely over. Cody rose debate face. Yeah i hope that this leads to a another squash match in. Be cody rhodes disappearing for a while. And see cody rhodes going. He'll that's it that feel like this is the only path now. I don't need him to be a baby face any longer it. I'm so over it. It's like the crowds over to shit. Yeah no one is like always put his duties down to retire. No-one one like which shop door cared much about it. They're like okay. Whatever so yet and honestly you debut someone. I understand maiocco black. Supposed to be ominous and all this stuff he got die with. The crowd knows where he came from their super high. Daddy's here the treaty. Baby face yes already yes so. It's not really doing what you dig it's supposed to do. I love the the labors of jericho. Fun it's fun. Yes so this. Keep going for hoover to guerrero but j f is incredible. Listen the juices loose. I don't mind it. But i don't like it. Understand jerk was gonna older problem on a huge fan of the judas affect. I like the jews. I didn't particularly. I thought this match was okay with it felt old old. It felt as old as i was watching like felt like they were like. Oh wait wait. Hold on all right. Let's go like that's what it felt like. I was watching. Which is whatever i mean. It could have been better. But i don't. I don't mind the judas effect. I think is good for multiple finishers. I'd like to see him just do different finishes with different matches but this kind of nitpicking. From me he's old. It is what it is now. Yeah i get it so then we have adam page saying. I gotta go solo. I gotta take down. The lead alone is my business. Looks like he's no longer the leader the league or excuse me of the dark order and now has me wondering is one is recently released. People are going to come into lead the dark order. I don't know. And i don't think it'd be a good idea because adam cole a medical adam pages done such a great job kinda sort of not being in the dark order kinda sort of being in the dark order bring somebody else. It would kind it. Wouldn't i wouldn't necessarily like because now. It feels like trying to replace adam page. And that's not what i wanna see. Hangman pages hangman page. Maybe i don't know the group needs a leader right. Like that's their whole thing was that they were a group in searchable leader. Brodie lee came in..

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