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They really are both world series contenders and they have rookie managers who are feeling it that the answer boiled over and they went and each other and it was great drama and it transcended the sport and it transcended the markets and it was interesting across the country i'd say in baseball should be hockey i'm saying baseball should be baseball you go back at the history of the game nolan ryan putting robin than tour and headlock bob gibson throwing one hundred mph fastballs guys heads because they dared to go on the ends up to the plate there was a chess game violence i get it i understand it it's part of the game and that should be brought back this is where you can tell me i'm crazy and i know a lot of you play the game played the game i get it coming at you two hundred miles per hour man's a dangerous thing but i believe the way i was taught as an empire as a very level low level little league baseball player as a guy that covered the game those lucky enough to become friends with some ballplayers baseball should be allowed to regulate itself on the field eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two four cbs do you agree with me that major league baseball should take the restrictions away i let these guys go africa other let me know eight five five two one two four cbs let's talk some of america's pastime together on than you next year on cbs sports radio the feet the world cup on fox may be happening halfway around the world but you're connected to it it's in your dna perhaps you've heard of the brilliance rinaldo would you become an even bigger fan if you knew part of your dna originated in portugal or maybe your dna connects you to argentina were messy is a national hero so this summer root for your race watch the world cup on fox and fox broadcasts mantra twenty three and me help you find your team state farm this is bill finally got me bill.

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