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The new but a john's an awesome dude and very kind to generous person um and everyone should know that in a he came in to talk about the avengers marvels the avengers the original vendors movie uh while he came through town on his book tour for his great great great great new book vacation land true stories from painful beaches uh it's really fantastic i read it in its a creative leap forward for project men in uh just a very warm funny endearing book of essays about him in his reallife no more fake facts and no more uh a deranged millionaire character this is hodgman actual laying it all out there about his life in his his live vacation land shows great in this new book is fantastic so i urge you to buy it make a great christmas gift for folks so ah here we go with john kellogg hodgman in the adventures the best thing about escaped from new york this is not the movie were talking about now that we can talk that all kinds of movies escape from new york is one of the movies that that is in a in a very specific genre of contemporary apocalyptic new york city and another one would be the warriors of course in a fantasy film by because guess what there aren't crazy gangs wherein wearing a baseball outfitted clown america to bed in manhattan and also by the way guess what gangs aren't interracial yet cook linked to coney island warriors via you know you have your latinos and your white dude and you're black eyes a hotbed all the best discovered for the up that's uh that's an amazing that's what makes the warriors are specialized via the fact that the grammercy park rifts were so cool but it was you know all black martial arts gang in grammercy park the at one of the tony is one of the of the only private parked dry york's it no they had cookies yet even then in new york city there was there was wealth around grammercy park right but those movies only worked because.

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