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I remember it is just not allergy. Medications is the pan. The adirondacks courtrai matai title law. Pm advil pm dram e the good old grabbing me. Okay if you take it. Once in a while for motion sickness could not. You're not gonna have a problem but you take it every day for two months. You're going to have cognitive impairment. According to this study there's dozens of drugs that fall into the category of anti-collor urge. Ix so you know you could see why seniors especially that go to multiple doctors and contain two or more of these drugs that contain this this type of pharmacologic. So you know people always report. Don't you as you get older. You hear it. I'm forgetful on confused. I'm a bit fuzzy. Maybe it's because they're on this type of medication. There was a woman who told consumer group that after taking district pan for iraq. Bladder for four years. She would arrive at work and have no memory how she got there and other women have reporting how they are forgetting how to use common everyday objects. And please don't go cold turkey. On stopping these specially anti-depressants they have to be discontinued. Very slowly okay. That's my my. That's why we're doing this program today just to let you know you know you have allergies but the treatment by be worse than the sneezing of course Looks like every spring and summer. They allergies last longer are somewhat am unbearable. I'm sure. cvs allergy doctors. Just love this type of weather. But gosh when you think that these type of medication shrink your brain you know which i just. I wouldn't advise any of my friends or relatives to take these medications unless it was absolutely necessary. Just remember just for a couple of months. It can impair your ability to think and remember things. Indiana university large study. They looked at over. Four hundred and fifty brain scans and the ones that took the anti-colonial Had smaller brains size matters. A bigger brain is better than smaller brain. And you know what. Brain shrinkage is a classic early warning sign of alzheimer's okay. This is this making sense to you. I hope so allergy drugs. Brain shrinkage alzheimer's. Now there's one drug you should be really conscious about is called zertec drug really works but there's a dark side to it and i haven't heard this side of it on any commercials. Why because really risky. If you've been taking it for a while to stop it because why don't you runs ertak. You may never ever be able to get off of it. This reaction has been described like a mosquito bite that covers your entire body. Others reported that their hands and feet felt like they were on fire no matter what they tried for relief all when they attempted to stop taking zyrtec. That's right zyrtec. Probably one of the best selling allergy drugs that your doctor may tell you to take for itching. Hundreds have set in reports to the people's pharmacy and other websites telling their stories about the relentless itching. Burning and hives. That can appear all over your body when you try to quit using the drug. It seems that most doctors don't know about these horrible withdrawal symptoms from zyrtec and other drugs that contain the ingredient citrusy. And you're not gonna hear about from our our. Fda one woman tells how she stopped taking the drug after three years because she was going for allergy testing soon afterwards. Her entire body started itching so horribly that you had to go to the er and that's what she took us air tech by accident within ten minutes. All the symptoms went away since then. She has told that she tried at least ten times to quit the drug with no success the itching simply got worse each time. Another user told of trying get off of it many times but the horrible skin itching burned so badly that she had to start taking it again. The people's pharmacy. That's a website capital. Pop lan capital. P. h. a. r. m. a. c. y. They notified the fda of these reports four years ago. But it said quote there is still nothing in the medical that you're prescribing information about withdrawal symptoms unquote and i would have been actively practicing. I would suspect that the medical community is indifferent about this report. There is some good news though. I mean if you call it good news if you can tough it out for few for several weeks he centers more than likely will go away so while a matted what could you do. What in place of allergy did you ever hear a butter. Bor b. u. T. t. e. r. b. You're believe it or not. It's one of the most well. Researched highly regarded supplements allergy relief. A swiss study found. It was just as effective as taken an antihistamine for hay fever. And guess what you did not get drowsy. Say settlement called grapeseed extract and carson. Everyone knows about courses in. I hope you're still taking it for the so called scam democ. And the course Grape seed extract their owner. Go by more powerful when used with vitamin c. Now physician from columbia university college of physicians and surgeons. Doctored dillard says that Can quote contain the release of histamine and other chemicals that initiate their.

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