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Air across the nation on CBS sports radio. Here's Gelb you look at the AFC north. There could be four head coach jobs that are open north could be now. I don't think even at the Steelers lose out or don't make the playoffs. I don't think to see let's move on from Mike Tomlin is never had a losing season. They've had three coaches since nineteen sixty nine, but it's a topic of conversation right now. About my town with the way that this team has played losing three in a row. The ravens I would think John Harbaugh would be back. I would because of the way Lamar Jackson is played. They've won three out of their last four since Lamar Jackson has taken over. I would think would be back, but you have changes in Baltimore with Ozzy now leaving. So our ball becomes available that someone he will get a job in a second. But it's not crazy at the ravens move on from him. The browns. We already know you Jackson's out will they give the c titled to Greg Williams where they go outside the organization and go somewhere else. And then the yearly topic of conversation will Marvin Lewis be coaching the Bengals next year. He must have some great pictures of people in the Bengals organization and Marvin Lewis. He did a very nice job turn that team around winning games in his career. But he doesn't win a postseason postseason game. So it's amazing how you can last that long enter organization and not win a postseason game. It's it's really mind boggling, so I really stopped trying to predict when Marvin Lewis is to retire. Get promoted to president or or maybe they do fire him, but the guy's been there since two thousand and three and he's had a bunch of playoff appearances. So you have to appreciate that if you're a Bengals fan, but eventually you want to win. Zone. Seven in the postseason. And that's that's ridiculous. No one takes over a job. And it's been there since he was forty five years old. And now he's sixty and you have a playoff game. How do you survive? How do they keep you there? But, hey, maybe they'll end up saying goodbye to Marvin Lewis promoted the president and though. I'll make you Jackson the head coach. Oh that would be the ultimate Bengals move. That would be a bungled move really would divorce CBS continue to rock the phone calls. Rick and Baltimore what's up? Rick. Great talking to you again. I feel like a past no worries. Yeah. Terminator out if you call again next week. Okay. I'm gonna give you my take. This is a wild dilemma in this division. You know, this ADSC north would there's ironies here down. I'm played Callscreener. I'm a Baker Mayfield fan. First and foremost, I thought that he would be drafted I now Greg Williams as coach that year. I'd give me shot. You know, what what can they lose Cleveland on? If you lose a lot because if it isn't successful, then you set your organization back when it finally looks like your your turn things around. Now, I can see the argument to be made for Greg Williams Dorsey is the only one Dorsey and the owner they have to be convinced that he could win this team a Super Bowl like the last caller said if you don't think he can win this team of Super Bowl down the road. Then you gotta go with someone else. But I don't know enough about it would be honest. I'm concentrate on my team 'cause I'm keyed up, man. I'll probably be up all night. It's all this game. I slept a little bit up. I'm going to tell you, something broader. They're going to be a lot of ood surge. And we're not fair weather fans. Here, you know, ravens fans, and like you said hard he can find a job in a second. Man. You got to win this game. There's no excuses. You can't lose to the box. You know? But I think, you know, I have no doubt. We'll wait is probably ninety something percent shifts. I don't care if it went by three points, just win baby. You know what I mean? Yeah. And and you should be able to win the two hundred lasts three charges. The I'm going to be tough in the Browns could be tough, by the way, the ravens have played so far as of as of late you should be able to go to the postseason this year. And we'll see if they are. Now, I gotta ask you a question. Because usually I see things on the call screener right in front of me. And they'll say, oh, so and so wants to talk about you Jackson. So so let's talk about the Browns offensive coach Gregg Williams for you. It says should he killed his friend out of his band? What's going on with your friends some drama there? No, no. It's not a lot of drama. We're all you know, I'm sixty one each fifty nine. And are piano player sixty one that a terrific, Dan, rather a lot of fun. I've been playing those skins for years man to trunks on check profession. I'm not ego maniac. A battle I'm advanced all at Kolkata gigs. Man. I know you're from jersey I've been all over from New York. But okay. Yeah. And Jap is a really terrific guy, really loyal. But it's like or piano player has to teach. You know, g g g a man I won't be ready. I'm in chance. Ready to win a championship. And Jeff is is his name. He's not ready to win the cheese still learning. Well, he's fifty nine. He's playing this instrument still said she was fourteen guitar while sometimes it's just not going to it's not gonna work. You know, you may have to sit down and have a tough tough conversation with them. Maybe crack open a beer and just say, I love you as a friend, but you just not playing well enough for us. I know anymore, man. I'm okay. The water or something or just, you know, have something. Give them a bowl of ice cream. Something that's not gonna make him to upset. And what's that? What's that? Eric one of the ice cream bowl love, Eric Waddel. I love him too, man. I wanted man he's a workshop Dan here too man works off. Well, you know, what you're tough. You gotta make a tough decision, and you may have to cut the guy out of your band. And you know, what if he's upset tell them to call eight five five two one two four CBS and I'll take care of him. All right. Okay. Thank you know. And you have a good push mission. Always enjoy talking to you, man. You're like a plan. You know? Thank you. Glad we could do self. But you know, you may be losing a friend. If he doesn't take too kind to you tell them that you don't want them in the band anymore. Just letting you know. Okay bodies. After the holidays. The wreck. Van band drama, sixty one fifty nine you know, what if I'm that old, and I'm playing an instrument, and I played piano when I've grown up as playing moon river used to play the drums just annoy my parents. But. I guess if you're having fun keep the guy in the band, but if he's a pain in the you know what? And he's not playing ball. And he's he's he's messing up the vibe. Then you gotta move on. Sorry, turn out the lights the party's over. Gotta be loyal. I how long have I stuck around with Christopher here. I thought you were going to see Eli manning. No, I knew that was. Dragon deadweight EV every Gelb show, but we're family we're like family. If if let's say offered you promotion. Say morass got some type of motion. Maybe they want to put you in the DA gig. And they go they could stay with or you could go join a better time slot. Are you really going to stick around with Crisanto? No. But that's different. I'm not just going to kick. Like, let's face it. There's there's probably better option singer Stefo many, technically, technically, he's not the most technically sound. No. I still have to teach them just like some. But we're like family sometimes loyalty writers over rather from another mother. Yeah. But sometimes you have to separate the relationship. No. And you you have to move on. Sometimes. By Dr Phil words of wisdom. Sometimes you need to separate professional relationships know, your friends. Do you want to be like Marquel Foltz his mother? And as he now you saying we're putting cameras and people say or do you just gotta take a step back and say, my take it easy. All right, y'all be be my own person. I'm a pig dot com. A peacock you gotta let me fly. All right. Never seen that movie. Now, I have. But now, I got just this visual of James trying to fly flapping his way nice really colorful pulled his arms inside of his hoodie. His dirty hoodie that he's got. He's just flapping the sleeves all around. Now. We know yourselfer should be for Halloween next year. He should be. There you go. No, no. You're out. We gotta take a break. Thank god. Snow? He's still got get through another ten seconds. You got to figure it out for about forty seconds. We'll see by Jeff Joe, Kevin and Mike. We'll get t on the other side man, but a wacky.

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