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It's really interesting because it's not like matt. Barnes was due to said anything right like if you watch the video from that all in the smoke video the interview with gilbert arenas mabaas is not the one that was egging this stuff for him so it just sort of would that come from. Why did you go after him. Why did you when you went after him. Why did you go after him so personally. Because it's not like matt. Barnes was the one that was driving I guess for lack of a better time to talk about warm. When he comes after stephen jackson with you by women and and bags i know about bags. What's he doing there. And while getting a second with you what's the retaliation by these guys going to be because they're not gonna they're not gonna eat all of that they don't well okay. I don't think they're gonna eat it. I think they're going to do is going to sort of hampton inn. Play around with you to make a joke of it. Because they know that ultimately they've got bigger platform and there's really no need to respond to kwami they know they'd like the new cycle of change. They'll still have this. Show on showtime matt. Barnes justice if. He's getting a sitcom made about his life like they've won. They've wanted the media game. they're really good at. It is really not even going back and forth with them. But you know i think one thing that you know. When people hear him going at stephen jackson out you know they did play together for a season charlotte Two thousand and two thousand eleven season and so they were teammates and kwami goes a little bit and see. Stephen jackson quit on the team because they traded gerald wallace. But what i found really interesting is the piece of it. You know that. Stephen jackson sort of publicly affiliated with the black lives matter not necessarily the organization but the movement by virtue of the fact that he was cousins with george floyd well if you watch the videos and his social media stuff. He's not a fan of blackouts batter. He makes it clear over and over again. And if you review a lot of that stuff you'll be that he's just not a fan of black lives marriage so I think that was also opening for him. There would stephen jackson soda. Get that in and stick that in And i think that's what some of that is coming from. One of my i to do with gilbert arenas want barnes not black enough. What am i to do with what he's doing and saying hey don't come after a black man as black men. I think that it is fair for him to say that you guys are humiliating me long after the expiration date on that stuff. This is so long ago. None of us had elite anymore. Why am i joked. And so he's using the most personal Some some most incendiary comments that you can make about a black man. No collina white dude a calling him a handmaiden for you know white people essentially right and so i think he does see gilbert. And if you listen to go with me gilbert especially if you're a country dude from georgia you had dude like gilbert whose from the l. a. area california and i'm from the south. You know you just kind think a certain way about california guys. As i think he's just sort of poking gilbert at that stuff that he's trying to say will he grew up around white guys and so he's not really down for the cause and let me tell you how he you know Under my value in you know denied me an opportunity to really cash in his free agent. Is i think that's a lotta with that. Is that you know he. He saw gilbert arenas working with his aides and his team to deny him the money that he thought he deserved in free agency. And so he's like you working for those white guys who tried to deny a black. A black man does money so clearly. You're working with those white guys. You know dmed. Barnes status clearly about him being skinned that he just thinks you want to tee off on a dude because he's light skinned and that's a very diabetes That's a very nice approach to things but That's what i meant. When i said you know farmers just a little bit out of step with this moment of but clearly he doesn't care. There are some points in here. Where i'm like. Well he's not wrong and one of the points is he probably was more professional than all three of those guys. I don't know maybe barnes was more professional but just in terms of he might be a bus but being a pro and not having things on his resume where people beyond softer bust. You didn't hear a lot of people saying that kwami brown actually wasn't trying to be professional and kept his mouth shut across many many years on this stuff. This is just recent where the anger boils over. Yeah absolutely lot of a lot of stuff man. And i mean the thing is he came into the league in a really unfortunate time like he. He comes back to a very disorganized. Mess of front office as the wizards You know they were sort of caught between trying to win now with michael jordan or build around him as the future and ultimately because kwami was not ready when he came into the league. They didn't give him the opportunity to showcase himself. And so he was sorta slided into this bus label for so many years. But you're right. I mean we played in the league for twelve years. He played for multiple teams. He played with koby. He played for michael jordan again when he went to charlotte. That was michael jordan's first year is the majority owner for the podcast. So it's not if michael jordan didn't like kwami is much. Is people think that he did. Then he would have never bought into the bobcats clearly kwami with a more effective player that people give credit for it you know. He said you know you saw them screens. I was certain know. I mean screams matter you know at least an old. It'd be like each set screened being a tough dude doing some of the stuff that doesn't necessarily show up in the box score Some of the stuff. That kwami brown did. And i think he does have a point like e had honorable career. The only reason did it seem to measure up is because he was the number one pick only averaged sixty six but over the course of his career to win it for our friends over at draftkings. I love them. I lived there. My mail is sent to draft gangs. It's playoff time big stakes bigger promotions. It's time to hammer the over at scores some cash. Oh do i love cash draftkings..

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