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Welcome to the happy movement podcast. I'm amy topic as monir of three or and creator of memorizing this podcast dedicated to conversations with the world's leading experts on how we can support and value motherhood differently and mama's themselves dedicated to changing their own definition of motherhood all through the lens of the world changing understanding all presence. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of the movement. Welcome back mama's. I've been teaching and sharing gains circles of women for nearly a decade. now. I don't want to reflect on something i have seen today. If she will so often we have fear of showing up in front of friends in front of other women wings. We carry really date that we may not even recognize. We have at the time in a way. We're afraid of each other. And this is because i've always been taught to compete the world. We live tells us that it's dog. Eight dog one against another. We have to climb the ladder. Compat- compare judge.

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