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Would you to the Bishop? You know would you like to officiate this ceremony known how the Bishop felt about my Zumra shoes is kind of interesting to watch the body language you know, and then the translate get the bishops has translated says something to me the the bishop respectfully declines. and. So that that went well and everything was smooth as all over very. Nobody lost face or anything, and then Kaigan comes over you know. We go off to one side and he goes Giannotti really said. No FM way that's that's actually said. So information comes in you have to find out for yourself in these ways. You know don't always look at conventional have been having these things but even him having said that the ceremony occurred he didn't officiate somebody else officiated. And Life when Tom. Different, it was a different. Sense of who he was who translate to us how Japanese culture would you know how they don't recognize things? You know certain ways. Like. My spy. He. Yeah. So anyway, these things the subtleties and and this is the the most important thing is like again, every single word in every single case in this hundred cases. IS BEGINS WITH ATTENTION That's really what it takes the tension and it's not just observational intention. If you want a master something, you have to have immersive attention. That immersive attention in many ways is love. You know I love living. I will I will pay attention to this, but it's not objective is your mercenary you live you learn. And through doing that is then there's interaction that comes from it's not the I am say at a center or a place to. So that I can focus on a very narrow attention in this way is no I opened up to my environment. Where the environment being the city whether it be in in the country where they've been the suburbs whether it'd be in some danger is the how how can I be of service in this in this process? In that interaction deep lessons alert. know though all of the things of dealing with success and failure the narratives we tell ourselves rather than just an objective Milan just after this period of time than I go off and go back to real life. There's no such thing. The only life the occurs is the one who sees is and then how you take how you use what what you have in in its fascinates. Then then you know this is where he goes into this. The last of the appreciative airy that utterly lost is true innocent ancient mind. So after all of this train it. Hogan's training. My Zuma row she's training. uttley losses true. Innocent mind. But what is that? We don't like that lost all. You know the thing is the when you're in something and your that it can be seen. Whether you work in on the computer whether you drive in attract to whether you're playing planes soccer or whatever your favorite sport is or somebody playing playing a musical instrument. You can see when somebody's so absorbed in. That is nothing left and the funny thing is a human being ins. We do that and yet because it is innocent, it is lost. We don't value we were lost in thought or something. But what a beautiful thing to to know without a doubt the your life is seamless that their on Buddha's out bath. The teachings and the most grateful for these teachings coming on the momentary basis doesn't need a Buddha. The awakening is life in its south whenever you see. Whenever you experience is all here now All right. Well I finished a little early, but we'll go into any questions or comments, and maybe I can say something else later. Tonight things where she? Opened up chat and you can on mute yourself. If you WANNA, ask a question, you can also use the raise hand feature as we've been doing..

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