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NBC News Radio I'm Brian shook. Authorities in Toronto are identifying the gunman in, a deadly mass shooting last night as Faisal Hussein the twenty nine year old from Toronto killed two people including a, ten year old girl and injured dozen, other Sunday. Night in the eastern Toronto neighbourhood of greektown Hussein was found dead after a shootout with. Police White House press secretary Sarah. Sanders says President Trump is looking into revoking the security clearances of. Several Obama era, officials say president is exploring. The mechanisms to remove security. Clearance because they've politicized? And in some cases monetize their public service and security clearances. At the. White House today Sanders said the group includes. Former CIA. Director John Brennan who was harshly critical of Trump after his summit with Russian President Vladimir. Putin as well as FBI director James. Comey and former national security adviser Susan Rice Sanders also said that Trump, is not trying to divert attention from his Russia Controversies by going after Iran outside the White House Sanders said, the president has the ability to focus. On more than. One issue at a time unlike a lot of those in the media she accused reporters of, being obsessed with Russia the man charged in a crash that killed a Dallas police officer during a funeral procession is out. On bond Adrian breedlove, is charged with intoxication manslaughter he's accused of plowing into senior corporal Jimmy Gibbons, was blocking. An interstate twenty, ramp for the funeral escort of. Fellow officer on Saturday morning breedlove was booked into, the Dallas county jail later that day with bail set at seventy, six thousand dollars which he posted early on Sunday Tom Roberts NBC News Radio Robert Wilkie. Is the new secretary of the VA the, Senate made it official by confirming Wilkie today President Trump fired VA secretary David Schulkin this past spring Trump I nominated, veteran White House physician Ronnie Jackson to, replace Schulkin. Admiral Jackson withdrew his name amid allegations of workplace misconduct you're listening to the The latest from NBC News Radio Underwood's of thousands of, demonstrators took to the. Streets of Israel yesterday they were protesting the fact that the government was not to amend a. Law that would have let gay couples use, surrogacy to father children their anger was further. Fueled by an apparent about face from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he had previously committed to supporting the amended law. And then voted against it on Facebook. Netanyahu said he is in favor of. Surrogacy for both fathers and mothers he vowed to support more. Comprehensive legislation at a future date a. Lisa z. NBC News Radio Papa John's board of directors is reportedly trying to keep its founder from taking, over the company the Louisville journal, courier reported yesterday that, company, leaders are considering a poison pill to keep John. Schnatter from retaking the company because he still owns. Twenty nine percent of the, company schnatter resigned as board chairman. Of the company that bears his name earlier this month after using a racial slur but more recently has said he's, had a change of Heart the State. Department is set to host the first ever ministerial meeting to promote and advance religious freedom delegations and leaders for more than eighty countries are expected. To attend the three day event in Washington DC the meeting is intended, to reaffirm. International commitments to protect and preserve the religious freedom rights of people around the world those in attendance will also talk about ways to fight religious persecution and discrimination. And ensure greater respect for religious freedom the ministerial to advance. Religious freedom gets underway on Tuesday Lisa. Carter NBC News Radio CW supergirl series is making history by announcing they would include the. First transgender superhero the role will be played by Nicole Maine's who made headlines after she wanted discrimination lawsuit after her school refused to let her use the girl's bathroom producers say the character NIA now also known as dreamers is a soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect. Others season four of supergirl will begin on October fourteenth Brian..

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