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Fire your mouth. That's my favorite part. It doesn't burn your mouth. Hank is a huge baby. He can't have time made it hot sauce. Bigtime loves Franks, red hot. So check out, Frank's red, hot right now by it in every store everywhere because it is the best hot sauce in the War, I think is the most versatile hot sauce in the world. Yeah. So check it out. Frank's red hot. Quick note before we get Carson Palmer, PF t was late to this interview and up. So that's why he didn't speak for the first ten minutes. I was there. Yeah, he just wasn't there. Well, fun fact, I thought that the interview had been cancelled. It hadn't and I was nude in the to blame us and I received the back to back to back phone calls. Yes, that's. And that's universal code for somebody's dead. Yeah. And so even though there are many signs in the locker room saying, do not see phone calls here. I broke the rules because that's how much I care about you guys and then tried to blame tried to blame you and say, someone told him that it was canceled whom could've told you sides. MIR hang word on the street was cancelled. So yeah, I guess that's partially on me. Important part is treating PF do like a five year old and telling them what is scheduled part is I was at the gym. So here's Carson Palmer. PF t- enters around the ten to twelve minute Mark. Okay. We now welcome on a very special guest. He is former quarterback for the USC Trojans for the Cincinnati Bengals for the Oakland Raiders for a minute, which will bring up and the Zona cardinals. It's Carson Palmer. What's going on with how your brother on before, have you? Yes. Yeah, because he was like supposed to be some guru or something. Then you had a show and you realize he wasn't Josh Allen yet. Who else did he say Sam darnold, Josh, Allen. And so he came on, I think we ended up with him being a QB ninja because we didn't want to say he was a whisper guru yet. You have to be at least fifty two guru. Exactly. All right. So let's start there. Well, first of all, you're here with FedEx so people can fans can go FedEx, air and ground NFL program. You can go to NFL dot com slash FedEx, and you can join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag air and ground..

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