California, Russia, Donald Trump Jr discussed on Battle Lines


The democrat out of california odd says of the defence of donald trump juniors contact with the russian law lawyer that it looks like they're saying they wanted to collude with russia but we're disappointed that nothing came of it again there is no connect tv between the people reaching out to trump junior and the actual russian government until the show that there can't be any collusion only to the illiterate all right anyway ship goes on to say that they need to see the if there were any more attempts to collude and that donald trump jr says in that anything donald trump jr says could be unreliable since he keeps changing his story people often have shifting story when you yourself heavy shifting line of attack no the baselines gonna remain the same but if you ask a question differently in it provokes a different response that doesn't mean that they've necessarily viewed away from what they had stated earlier less of course they can uh live in a tactile fashion demonstrate how would they had originally told you is what they believed to be at the time and then since then they of course have been made aware of all the facts which accordingly would alter their response but we will not anywhere near that level of back and forth this is just a case of a guy by having somebody else reach out to him about dirt on hillary clinton him going to the meeting and finding out nothing was really there uh that that that he could hold on to use assisting and you'll pining an analyze the offer the show tom schatz president citizens against government waste is editorials of fiscal policy of appeared in publications nationwide including your times as well as the wall street journal obviously shots as testified on numerous occasions concerning government waste issues fullbore actually before both congress will committees as well as regulatory bodies tom shots always.

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