Republican Party, Donald Trump, Rodney Dangerfield discussed on John Gibson


He was part of the i mean i wouldn't call me because he was pret party but he was part of that original you know kinda of young republican you know conservative base of the republican party he's the kind of guy that is absolutely opposed to trumpism but i think a lot of these republicans they don't see where the party has gone you know they keep thinking trump's going to go away and it's going to go back to the way they once you know and i i don't think they see that it's the ship has had sailed essentially yeah well they don't realize that trump in a lot of ways is rodney dangerfield and caddyshack that he came into the of the the private clubhouse in and calls all this chaos and there wasn't their old ways of dealing with it didn't work anymore but when he talks don't scarborough talks about back in the old days was dismissed including not too long ago days when he was hanging out with trump and when he was having him on his show all the time yeah i mean look you can how 'bout you we're in the media of business we see how this thing works and scarborough all d he would do they booked trump on and he came on as a guess he would call in and you know and the ratings were high right like trump says he does bring ratings free goes so they couldn't help it so they were like well let's ride the center i mean essentially he's a politician but a former politician they can't help it if trump brought the ratings they were going to have him on the show so they did so they cosied up to him while it while it last eight yet it's so funny how all these decisions people made re predicated on well there's no way he's going to that's it they were like you know hillary wanted him to run they were like easy give him the free air time we can't wait to run against this guy it seems so crazy now that that was better get trump in there we don't have to run against crews yacht cruise cruise gonna give us trouble.

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