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Broadcast center in spring garden if clear skies kundus thirty one degrees overnight the full five day forecast is coming up in just a few minutes us senators from pennsylvania in delaware unveiled bipartisan legislation monday that they say would make it harder for certain people to get guns illegally kyw city hall bureau chief pat loeb reports it would alert local law enforcement when someone failed a federal background check senators pat toomey and chris kuhn say their bill would strengthen the national instant criminal background check system or next they'll pennsylvania and twelve other states run their own background checks on gun purchases dillard's and thirty seven other states including delaware use next so local authorities aren't even aware when someone prohibited from having a gun tries to get one to me says the next deny all notification act would fix that is not rocket science to think that maybe we ought to be a little concerned about this person may be state law enforcement officials sought had no this contest people who've lie and try are likely to be greater risk that person is more likely to try to steal a firearm or to go through a gun show or the internet jimmy says he continues to pursue the bill he introduced in 2013 that would require universal background checks pat loeb kyw newsradio cherry hill township police are now assigned fulltime to patrol all schools as of monday that after students and parents expressed worries about security following the deadly mass shooting at a high school in parkland florida kyw news steve tower has more cherry hill mayor chuck car knew they had to do something sooner rather than later we've always sugar schools are very very safe but certainly would happen over in the past few weeks and hearing from a lot of students and parents we thought this was.

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