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Early in the best goes silent. After that three runs early. Two runs. Top half of this inning. Daniel Norris who hadn't pitched more than five innings in a game. This year in four starts now pitches into the seventh inning big-time Kepler Adrian's cave, and that's part of the probably thought process. For Daniel Norris and the Tigers making okay, you've got two left is coming up. I three batters. We'll give them a shot to to have an easy inning and finished right on a high note. You would think if you got the first two out he would get the next. Any hint of trouble and Viktor L contras warming. You would think he would come on. It's been very impressive for Norris through six. Through fifteen battlefied allow one base runner. Then he got into a jam in the v two singles into walk loaded. The bases line drive to centerfield that's going to be softly hit Jones in you'll make the catch off the bat. It looked like a line drive than you realize just off the end of the bat. Very softly hit one up one down our gang. Get took every Tigers home gain in June for just thirty nine nine. I'm with the Tigers June ballpark pass match ups like the Indians national raise just go to tires dot com slash pets. We're looking forward to going home for a nice stretch. Yes, sir up Houston four three Oakland four four. And then Miami for three. A ray. Adrian's takes a fast poll for a strike fastball. Consistent ninety ninety two today with live action all four pitches. Working slider a little bit low. When he's missed that pitch, Tim at least it's been low. He has Riley hung any slider. No. If it's been terrific. The one fast Paul low inside two and one on Adrian's rear time where you kinda fell off towards third base. Beckham shades up the middle of the second base the outfield plays Adrianssen to pull the ball to one the law the fast Paul away three and one on Adrian's singled his last time up that was just the second hit at the time. Just the second of the day from Minnesota. Norris working quickly. Three one pitch. Swing a fly. Ball left field way back in gone into the upper deck six rows up. Second home.

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