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Being with us many U. S. homeowners who need cash for taking it out of their properties the trade off higher interest rates Ben Eisen banking reporter at the Wall Street journal has look at cash out refinancing spend set this up where people who basically have equity in their homes and want to turn that into cash they they had a a new mortgage they require that their mortgage and includes the balance and pull cash out and it was something that it you know it got more popular the last two years it was very popular before the financial crisis when people use their homes at eight PM these days it's not quite like that but it it you know I have gotten more popular with people generally using this money for you for anything a lot of people either to renovate a house a lot of people use the to consolidate their dad PM credit card that kind of thing some people pull money out to and that the new property so when they do this sometimes they sacrifice a decent rate on the mortgage when they refinance yeah this what we thought it was particularly interesting which is that you know generally you think of me but at the your mortgage work to lower your rate hear what people are doing it actually raising their rates so you know if you bought a house twenty twelve or twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen and you've got a rock bottom interest rate on your mortgage and now you're going to pull out equity you kind of have to give up that very low mortgage rates and might be paying a little bit more in order to to tap that that bad equity in your home generally speaking that rates even though it might be higher I is less expensive than say a home equity line of credit or a personal loan well yeah that's definitely one of the things that's been kind of going on here is that you see people using cash out refinances other need the poly cash out of your home like a home equity line of credit so home equity line of credit the rate for that is based on a different benchmark it sort of moved a bit differently than thirty year fixed mortgage rate so you know it's more beneficial for people in town that has rather than getting that home equity line to instead we fight at their home and their entire home and and rate the rate a little bit but still keep it much lower than the home equity line bursting with Ben Eisen banking reporter at the Wall Street journal his pieces called Americans are taking cash out of their homes and it is costing them to mention the trade off in rates but it's not always that way right you said sometimes homeowners can lower the rates of these cash out deals definitely definitely and it's you know generally speaking the magic the majority of people this year have actually lower their rate their cash out refinances but what we've noticed is is over the last two or so years then elevated share of people I would say are now increasing that rate because they're now we find that these mortgages out rock bottom right but still you know if you got a mortgage last year thirty year fixed dead in almost five percent which is where average rates where at this time last year and now you're going to do a cash out refinance you you could very well lower your rate so it really depends on the circumstance and and then when you got your original mortgage it's been been eyes in banking reporter.

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