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The job on the 10th. May And that is the day that Hitler begins his attack to the West. And that was so May the tents and France fell on June the 25th Right. So, uh, may June. It's about five weeks. And here's what Churchill says. Uh, he says. This is on a date is May 9th think his first public broadcast his prime minister We must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the presence of these armored vehicles in unexpected places behind our lines. If they're behind us. Is there behind our front. The French are also at many points, fighting actively behind theirs. Both sides are therefore in an extremely dangerous position. And if the French army in our own army are well handled, I believe they will be The French retain that that genius for recovery and counter attack and the British, the dog had endurance and fighting power, of which they have been so famous. In a sudden transformation of the scene might spring. Right, So that's a hopeful paragraph. Now this is on on May 19th. And France has gone in five weeks from this day. And he says, he says That can't really happen. And you know he's been criticized for that right now. The speeches full of grave warnings. On so but you know he's got it. He's got to get him to fight. He's gotta mix. And when we come back from break, this is the theme of the day. What do you the fog of war and the fog of virus. Are very, very different, but they have some similarities. And those similarities are the same. Whether you're the president states where the President Hillsdale College, they're the same for every American and we're going to talk about him with. I saw coming online started comment.

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