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And I mean, they're all they're all getting after it. I mean, those guys, we know how to have a good time. I mean, that's not surprising to hear. I'd expect nothing less from the boilers. Yeah, we're gonna have to later in the year. You gotta let me know when you have a game at Mackie. I'm gonna have to. Come back out there because they're fun to watch. It sounds like Arizona's fun to watch in person. They really are. Do you worry about it? Go. What are you worried about with Arizona? Is it taking care of the ball? Yes. Taking care of the basketball. I think point our play. I think Turquoise has to be solid. But those two things certainly certainly are, I think also teams with not well, the thing that's the beauty of their defense, they're going to press you but they have colloquial direct. You know, so you can play that style because even if you get beep, you've got a freaking eraser behind you. So this is one of the best bigs that people haven't talked about in the country. No, I mean, he can score he's more than just lob black shots. I mean, you can throw him the ball on the block. He can make a close vote. Yeah, he can score with his back to the basket a little bit. He's gonna go right jump, but that's okay. I mean, no one's gonna block his shot. That's huge. Nobody in the pack 12. No, I mean, he's got an incredible wingspan. He's massive. He's also a progress to he cut a lob last night. He could have put in his elbows. Now listen, John Miller, John Miller left Tommy Lloyd with plenty. You saw it last night and Tommy Lloyd killed doctor Ross for lunch with those transfers, right? Paul Larson's going to be good. Like you said, you know, the kid from Georgia. He'll help him. But those guys don't have to do too much. So many cases, you're bringing in those transfers to have to be like major impact guys and case a point devonta Jones. Like right now he has to be an impact guy, because Frank Collins isn't ready to do it. And yeah. We also should say about Michigan, Seth Jackson, who played last year has been dealing with an illness, not COVID, but he hasn't been able to play, and I'm sure he was doing some conditioning and whatnot. They could use them. I mean, I don't know if he had the good game against exercise in the anti tournament where he made a couple of shots, but he's been in the program. I don't know. They got to find some other people that can score and so Caleb Houston maybe figures it out. Yeah, well, I mean, that's the question. How quickly are those freshmen and we talked about in the preseason? A lot of these guys were ranked. In a year when we didn't see them in. So we don't know how good buff can really is. We don't know. You know, like, I think, again, Caleb Caleb Houston is going to be very good. But yeah, I have your attention. All right. Let's move on. Couple more teams here before the close it out and you got to run. Step Carolina. I didn't get to get to watch the game. All right. So I mean, they fought for you. They did. They saw them. And then they later complete egg against Tennessee. And Tennessee was a team that had gotten absolutely blitzed by Villanova..

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