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Nobody these quarrels well I've got four hours to Jackie up about everything going on in the world of sports Bobby listen here's Jodie Mac it's that time of Sunday get together here on CBS sports radio how do we approach I hope good I'm trusting that that's the case I don't know that that's the case but I'm an optimistic guy so that's what I'm going to believe is out there for a majority of you I'm not going to say a massive majority because Hey yeah we aren't out of the woods yet you're truly comes out every Sunday night this is my yeah we can ship here on CBS sports radio I look forward to talking to all our loyal listeners on the CBS sports platforms and now are you yeah I considered some of you folks my friends most of you acquaintances says we have never met but some I've talked to enough on the phones over the last six years here at CBS sports radio yeah I go to a party to call your friend and you know I'm which can only the best for all my friends out there cute on which are the best perhaps a little everybody out there it will be another three hour get together in which we'll try and do the balancing act it's that kind of a tough task that we have and I only have to do it one day a week the guys were here every single day like Romeo and DA and tiki and Tierney and the whole crew I do have a much tougher task then I do these days because they've got to do it on a day in day out bait paces balancing where our country is that and trying to keep half an eye on the world of sports because that's what we do that we are all guys here on CBS sports radio Bridgeport's lifers and it we follow it we enjoy it we analyzed it we break it down we probably get to he did it by it but it is a passionate we all care and our passion has been given and not just that the guys who hosted shows here and gals who owes the coach here on CBS sports radio but all you sports fans out there as well you're going to you're missing it that's why the NFL didn't take large favor this week by giving us three days of coverage and man did I moan when I found out that they were going to three days of NFL coverage breaking it down from two to three inch stretching it out and put it in prime time and it's just such a money grab because I had gone to the draft so many years in a row when I was in New York every single year did killed while the draft was I'm going hi I was it acted draft inside the room for the draft eleven times in thirteen years and one year I did a double dip I didn't hardly help one broadcast outlet at slightly later show respect of broadcast outlets twelve shows eleven days after thirteen over thirteen year period any yet natural vocally draft history and then they started moving it to remote locations I stopped by when they had it and fill it out because that's not that far drive from my chapter of the home so I was able to see it didn't have to shell why didn't add capable of doing a show on the first night of the draft what it is but just the same to be there and be part of it I would first timers there as a non working member I had a press pass because I was a member of the press but I want to do it yourself so I yes I whined and moaned about them dragging out the draft over three days we are so starved ward's entertainment slash content and that's what the NFL gear is drafted because it's not actual play it's still electing a players who will eventually play in a future for their teams but damn did have me in front of my TV for three straight days where it's Thursday night and Friday and into Saturday as well and I thank the NFL I got a whole bunch of talk to him we're gonna hear them for the next three plus hours undergrad what actually took place how it took place how it all went down and I will surely give you the chance to chime in and give your thoughts on the draft I we want action packed day one with less trades than we're used to but it did pick up steam I think I got the hang of it doing a virtual draft in there a lot more draft day trades on day three then there were the first two days of the draft so we'll we'll break all that down for you one basketball note that I do think we have to get out there at the NBA is actually having conversations about re opening the NBA not naturally scheduled to get play games he had the regular season get a playoff in but can't get players back into specific jams depending on rules and regulations of where dusty pop right now yeah I do have a daughter to I. nat we will once again talk about the last dance which of course debuted last week the ten part cries I documentary of the Chicago Bulls the dynasty but a narrow focus on the sixth of the six championships that the bold one now will be airing tonight on ESPN a little bit later in we talked I didn't get a chance to talk about it last week it was on Sunday night that's what I'm on so I'll give you a couple quick thoughts about episode one episode two what we may be seeing tonight in episode three I'll give you my and I feel it's almost obligatory I get my position on giving information giving opinion on the corona viruses that I'm just a regular Joe just like you when it comes to sports talk I might know a little bit more than most of you not all of you because sometimes the college put me in my place pretty darn good but it's what I do for a living what I've been doing since I was a wee lad so I I can wait and look myself in the mirror be able to say I may be somewhat of an expert when it comes to the world of sports when it comes to the.

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