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In your ductwork in the addict okay when you say adequate blown in insulation at the ceiling how thick is it at least six inches if not more okay so here's the vanishes of creating a properly installed unventilated semi condition attic roof line or attic space with a open cell spray urethane foam is that your air conditioning equipment and your duckworth are no longer in that extremely hot humid harsh addict conditions that it currently is in right now because your attic is ventilated in the insulation thermal boundaries at the ceiling line so as chestnut you're doing is you're you're raising a thermal boundary from the ceiling up to the underside of the roof line is the it should be installed continuous and uninterrupted in she'd be a complete air barrier and a thermal barrier so your attic is going to be cooler and drier gonna currently is now there's some complexities to that when you're dealing with existing house and you converting it or what we call a retrofit you have to remove the existing ceiling insulation that's there and francis by the way six inches of blown not enough it needs to be at least eleven or twelve inches thick in order for in our climate the other you need to do besides removing the ceiling salaciousness you need to make sure your kitchen your bathroom exhaust fans are vented ducted endangered all the way out not ninety but outside the roof lawn or the porch sailing on asaf it's if you have any gas appliances like gas water heater gas furnace that raises some complexities because now you're taking that gas furnace that was used to be invented attic and you're now putting it in a closed addict so there's so combustion air challenges that need to be over called and then finally the other last part on what you consider when making this choice is you're already replacing your windows and now you could be potentially taken away the heat and the moisture in your attic where you're conditioners and your echinacea could be sized to large scooby.

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