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We're live starr's birthplace in daytona beach this is nascar live race day back here at daytona getting set for the coke zero sugar four hundred segments of forty laps forty laps in eighty laps making up the one hundred sixty lap total and we were talking earlier about how qualifying had gone kind of counter to what people had expected with the chevys flexing their muscles a little bit earlier absolutely but the forge they're still strong under the hood is where all that power is and one of the guys who's driving a ford and had a very good qualifying effort yesterday is standing by with our winston kelly and we're talking about michael mcdowell and rusty wallace always calls this an opportunity racists an opportunity for a lot of different drivers but you've got a very fast plus ford tell us about it and did you get any draft in practice single lap runs how about drafting yeah we did our our car was really shawl at you in practice they're not a huge pack but you know we had a pack of eight or nine cars were able to drive up through it car drove really well the kayla ford's been fast all weekend obviously the speed and quality fine shows what kind of speed the car has joe well to you and this is an opportunity race majority of my top tens in my career come here and had a shot at winning their as last year and this is by far the best car that i've ever had come in here so tonight could be the night you mentioned the top ten last nine times we've been here i don't know if you've looked at the numbers five of those are top ten's seven top fifteen so this isn't a one off good qualifying what what is it about this type of racing that you adapt to and like so much i just love it i've just grown to love it was a real challenge for me coming from road racing and sports cars endurance racing exact opposite of what superspeedway racing was and and so i had to learn it and had to be a student of it and i just really enjoyed it the last you know five six years and and i feel like you gotta have some luck on your side but there's there's a little bit of a talent to get into the end of these races and things gotta go your way but there's a lot of things you gotta look forward to and he shown that talent and it might be an opportunity to join me putin him in your fantasy coup this afternoon michael mcdowell rozov eight thanks wednesday and michael mcdowell actually finished fourth in this race last year but he mentioned this being an opportunity race perhaps it's an opportunity for matt di benedetto to flex some of his muscles he's alongside our alex hayden starting in the thirty first spot cam is matt benedetto and again not a fluke his sky was running towards the front of the field in last year's race as aj amending or comes by and says hello zone specific way but matt you you've had some good solid efforts here running at the front of the field niece thanks how difficult is it to maintain that track position and make sure somebody works with you in the draft oh man well that's a good point that's really hard for us to get anybody to work with us just because they see you were smaller team and they say the thirty two on there and they were like a small team car even even if our car is pretty good speed they do everything they can to not work with us presents an extra challenge for us on top of all the other challenges that daytona already has so we've we've done a really good job though just positioning ourselves you know usually will play a smart at the beginning and then like in the five hundred third with two to go you know and then got caught up in in the crash there with curtain blaney but i think we do it right hopefully we can make it just a lap and three quarter farther this time and we always seem to find ourselves in the front at the end so i hope we can do that again got zinger poker on board his four this weekend matt benedetto looking to capitalize on an opportunity in daytona tonight.

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