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Eyes from South Carolina s So again, I think Returning to the space here today when we talk about these clothes, and it is important people say, Oh, it's not important, but it isn't that new feeling. You know. Melania left Melania Trump love washing today wearing Chanel, which is a French designer. She arrived wearing that blue Ralph Lauren suit. We all remember, but she wore lots of foreign designers who are adultery. And Gabbana in her official portrait s O. This is a return to American designers. And I will say both, gentlemen, we can't leave out the gentleman. Vice President elect Joe Biden and second gentlemen. Elect Doug Am off are both wearing Ralph Lauren and iconic American designer. Okay, doing her best project runway very night. Two. People care about that. Yeah, I guess they do. You know, it's all those little details that go into this. What are you gonna wear? What colors is an American made Jenna Ryan. Remember her? She is the real tour who went from? I think Texas to to the capital. She flew on a jet that her boyfriend least she's the one that wanted the pardon for. Capital. Yeah. Cynthia McFadden of ABC News was able to interviewer about that. And, yeah, she does want that pardon? I personally feel innocent in my everything I have done. I feel like the police officers were ushering people in to the capital. I ended up getting in the capital about two minutes. And I was like you. This is not where I wanna be Okay? We came far enough. But finally, What about this? The broken window post, she wrote window at the Capitol. And if the news doesn't stop lying about it, we're going to come after their studios. Next I saw the window and I thought Oh, my gosh. I'm in the middle of history, but I did not. Have any intention to say, break windows. The caption of that photo. That is a horrible thing. If I said that it didn't I didn't. I didn't say it right. It may have come across improperly and I apologize if it did, but that's all she's apologizing for, though she does have a direct plea. She wants to make President Trump wants you to know that I have been a true supporter of yours, and I believe that you won the election. And I believe in America and I believe in your values, and I was not a violent protester, and I asked that she would let you would part of me from this misdemeanor. Too.

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