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App all. Head on America in the morning Seven minutes now after. The hour the one time White. House aides simply known as Orosa has. Turned on her apprentice mentor Donald. Trump in a new tell all book out today part of the sales, pitch recordings she says. She made, to, protect herself Bob Costantini has more from Washington he, now describes her. As wacky Omarosa who begged me for a job tears in her eyes I said. Okay people in the White House, hater she was vicious but Don smart I would, rarely see. Her nasty to people in would constantly miss meetings at work when general Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser. And nothing but problems I told him to try. Working it out if possible because she only said great. Things about, me until she got fired all that the president's response to Omarosa, book unhinged and recording, she has of her being fired by chief of staff, John Kelly at the end of. A series of tweets denigrating his one time apprentice star President Trump right whacky Omarosa already has a fully signed nondisclosure agreement Ahead of her book release she did disclose on NBC's today a recording she. Says was made a, day after. Her firing with the president on the phone Thinking about leaving what. Happened general. Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave nobody even But I didn't know it Omarosa said. She believes the president did know a head of time, about her firing but wanted to stay in. Her good graces perhaps just in case she wanted to. Write, a book but the president was tweeting on another subject quote agent Peter Struck was just fired from the. FBI Finally Mr Trump uses the firing to make another demand that. The Russian witch-hunt is he calls it be ended even though the man fired, was taken off case a year ago we're came from Peter strikes. Attorney who call the firing outside, normal bureau standards especially since there was a recommendation struck be suspended for sixty days a deputy director made the, call though firing struck for sending text messages on his work phone about how alarming a Trump. Presidency would be struck worked on the, Hilary Clinton, Email investigation a, fact that made him a frequent target of President Trump's, Twitter and congressional Republicans spoken ir special counsel Robert Muller removed struck from his Russia investigation. After learning of the tax? The fired special agent spent ten hours in front of a house hearing in. June pep Offered by Republicans over the tax and their beliefs he was, favorable to Clinton House Democrat from Rhode Island. David Cecil Leany thinks the firing was unjustified here's drug, I think is being treated unfairly he acknowledged. That he shouldn't have sent tweets but they didn't affect. His, judgement they didn't affect any decision that was also the conclusion of the spectrum general they should have followed. The regular recommendation sixty day suspension demotion Bob Costantini the White House. Ten minutes after the hour President Trump flew on Air Force One to fort, drum in New York yesterday he signed a defense authorization Bill but. Make no mention of the person, that was named after a look at that from Steve Kastenbaum the president traveled to the military base in upstate, New York near the Canadian border to sign the seven hundred sixteen billion dollar John McCain national. Defense authorization act I'm here today to, sign on, new defense Bill, into law and to pay tribute to the greatest soldiers, in the history of the world the United States army thank you but he made no mention of the man who the bill was named for john mccain spearheaded the effort to get the defense bill through congress the republican from arizona heads the senate armed services committee it was not very hard you know i went to congress let's do it we gotta do it we're going to strengthen on military like never ever before and that's what we did he went on to talk about the need for the u._s. military to be on the cutting edge of technology that is why we are also proudly reasserting america's legacy of leadership in space he talked more about creating a new space force branch of the military saying that our adversaries were already ahead of the united states and weaponising space jam transmissions which threaten our battlefield operations and so many other things we will be so far ahead of them in a very short period of time your head will spin while the president didn't thank senator mccain he didn't name check several other elected officials during the bill signing mr trump hasn't let up On his criticism of John McCain even though he's battling a rare brain. Cancer I'm Steve Kastenbaum we're coming up on twelve minutes after. The hour now cop quits after excessive force when.

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