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Perfectly farmers but let's take a little break and then we'll move onto the fifa kickoff the on t._v. lights at a guy then where was city spurs. Oh i'll just caught tyke spurs spurs. What are we get lucky every single fucking guy a call tyke it but cannot just mention what hurricane this time yeah. How we kind looked pre invisible to be. I sire ozzy. Am the best saying don't get cain. Another cease now goes to goes. We got to go so far. This season tame is obama young shit. I know cost home. Judging pook. Go hat trick. I mean it's not reasonable to bring kane in this week. It really really i'll pepper on school. One go against newcastle. That's good thing nine. He's bongo. Oh so we'll put listeners will remember this fuck. Your main son is back now and that's a shell. I mean what on account we'll send down to charleston up too soon boom. I mean point to show where the mini. I'll have to find some more money. Bernard bernard won't do that but that would. That will be the logical thing to do it. I mean saying not deploy. Now is a lie in the pecking order is the same process on on he absolutely posted him and sterling sterling at thirteen pence she's katie had six but not i had known an aquar- only only five when it comes to shows sterling at six or in the box but not about five and four in the box and the bruin who had four we've we've only two in the box so i mean from the stats bernado. He was quite lucky to score think he hit the ball to the bar. O'connor member was napping in atlanta motor that point for langa mode for proper angle made federal garage. She left off. I for that game but yeah i mean tidy tidy base policy to this. Look some real sterling again. Absolutely essential jas owes came on a manage four shots so again him an aquarium. Mike in each of a bad picks to be onus ends. You ever want to see you wear volume pep to find out what that was about. Forget okay into sobs pep. How'd it go him. I don i tonight but in a quiver apologize win. Jay z. scored the winner. You know because because all my knee was i bet you sit down yeah. Yes looks can rock. Bass seem to wear wall woah anyway just around up stocks. Katie bean sterling both at one point zero six x g._r. So looking tasty for spurs rose a main. Lucas moore scored again still don't really think you should be bringing. You mean mommy reasonable to hold on a main other now is he gonna stop aren't doc on it now. It was benched before sony came back so east got a hat trick in a champions league. Semi-finalists do go ba- go against the will mean anything to park..

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