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The FBI says the Saudi government is fully cooperating with its investigation into a U. S. navy they shooting by one of its officers more coming up from CBS news W. mediums for this is George off on the Packers beat the Redskins seventeen to six the Vikings are blanking the lions seventeen dropping college football final for Ellis you Ohio state claims in Oklahoma the getting clouds the rest of the afternoon the high forty six degrees cloudy and mild tonight with some raid at a low of forty two C. B. S. news now two o'clock this is CBS news on the hour your home for original reporting I'm Wendy Gillette the FBI is operating under the assumption terror was I at the heart of an attack at a naval base in Pensacola Florida on Friday a gunman killed three people and injured eight others before he was shot to death White House national security adviser Robert o'brien on CBS's face the nation but we don't know yet if he was acting alone the FBI is investigating that there they've been interview interrogating not other Saudi students look to me it appears to be a terrorist attack FBI special agent in charge Rachel row Haas we are not prepared at this hour to confirm of what may have motivated the shooter to commit this horrific act today there are many reports circulating but the FBI deals only in fax and this is still very much an active and ongoing investigation investigators say the gunman went on Twitter shortly before the attack posting criticism of U. S. support of Israel and accusations of Muslim bias members of the house Judiciary Committee could vote this week on which articles of impeachment will be filed against president trump house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff says charges should focus on the strongest evidence there is overwhelming evidence that the president sought to coerce Ukraine into interfere in our election essentially sought to cheat in our next election by getting a foreign government to weigh in that is a very serious business and apparels our national security it's a gross abuse of his office the committee will hold a hearing tomorrow morning North Carolina representative mark meadows criticize the proceedings I've seen my Democrat colleagues time and time again leak out what's favorable to them and not favorable to the president they've done it over and over and over again that's not fair and should should the president participate in an unfair process absolutely not both spoke on CBS's face the nation North Korea says it has carried out a very important test to add its long range missile launch site the country declined to say what it was defense secretary espers said on fox talks with North Korea are still an option I work closely with sector Pompeii on these issues and we'll see I think the talks are always open I said sector Pampero his set and certainly Ste president trump said we want to sit down we have one have negotiations we want to reach the point we have denuclearize to North Korea the man who gave voice to Oscar the grouch and Big Bird has died at.

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