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Cogos most trusted, stop or updated news minute by minute. Newsradio seven eighty and one point nine FM. The remains of US soldier who died in a prison camp in North Korea have been identified sergeant Frank Julius. Silly man is the third American service member to be identified from among fifty five boxes of bones and other material that the North Korean government handed over to the US last summer. Sulaiman reportedly died in March of nineteen fifty one Pentagon records say he was from New Jersey, but officials did not immediately have more details, including his date of birth. Evidence of suspected heroin and fennel has been found inside the Kane county jail sheriff Ron Haines organized shakedown this week of housing units in the candy jail has turned up nine small bags containing suspected heroin and federal Kane county chronicle reports an Email from Hain defines a shakedown as an extensive search where everything's removed and replaced in a cell in all eighteen Baggies affected heroin. Have been found this month aims reviewing procedures and possibly acquiring body scanner future. Contraband, Pat, Cassidy NewsRadio one nine FM. Italy will have to pay up after an international court found in the country violated Amanda Knox's rights when it investigated the killing of a roommate back in two thousand seven Europe's human rights court has ordered Italy to pay Amanda Knox twenty thousand dollars in damages for police failure to provide legal assistance and a translator during a long night of questioning in November two thousand seven Knox was questioned on the matter of her British roommate Meredith coacher the court also ruled there was insufficient evidence to support her claims of police mistreatment not spent four years in an Italian prison before being acquitted of the murder Sabina castle. Franco's CBS news. The city of San Francisco is thinking to ease congestion on the popular Lombard street. They'll impose a fee from five to ten dollars and have drivers reserve their spot. If they want to see the attraction residents in the area say they're up for at five dollars is not much for a car, but tourists aren't so happy about the idea. They say it's imposing a toll on a public road. WBZ news time at two fifty four. Huge savings are here at JC Penney. Hurry in for.

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