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Like this woman. You won't get his hands right. Is this one of the bad ones. Like it Just like the bottom of the this is the bottom of the barrel contrary movie is it like i'll tell you why no i'll tell you. Why not making mistakes. Yes okay. here's something you're starting to see some chinks in the armor for sure you know this is. The vulnerabilities are starting to show. But i still stand by this one. Because i love the way it wraps up at the end and we'll get there i promise and and there is a lot of Story in this. Obviously there's a lot more story beats that. I'm explaining to you than even in some of the conjuring movies so they get the orphans over and they tell the orphans. Don't go into our dead daughter's bedroom. We left it the way she left. It were super sensitive about it. Don't go into the dead daughter's bedroom but when you tell kids not to go into a room what do they want to do. Re going to go in the room. They're gonna go in the room when they hear mysterious noises coming from the bible closet. What are they gonna do. Read the bible with the demon exactly. Yeah and so they open it up and then and then annabel just goes nuts. She ends up. Poke in the mothers i out she ends up possessing a couple of the kids. I think you know she she gets. There's a kid in a wheelchair that she possesses early but she possesses the kid in the wheelchair. And she's like. I mean it's good that i'm possessing this kid but i was. I hoping not to be an wheelchair is what the demon is thinking so fil puppet puppetmaster and like goes after like junkie everything. You don't see the dog. As animated as chucky no no which Which would have been a step in the wrong direction. Now the doll is. Because i haven't seen this doll do anything in any of the times i've seen. It's just always been a and it's creepiest. Hal right. It hasn't done anything like moving bitch like its head and it's always or anything but yeah it's more a more appears to be responsible for what's going on right and then also you know Possessing kids so then once. It's in the kids body. It's making the kids. Do stuff and everything so it goes on and on doing what demons are gonna do right and eventually our final girl the kind of hero or in of the film she gets out scot-free she's okay and She gets another orphanage and she gets adopted at the end of the movie she gets adopted and the lady goes here. These these lovely people are here to adopt you. These are the higgins. What's your name. And the girl who's getting adopted has decided that now. She's going to go by a different name. I think what was her name before. Janice janice you know what name. She introduces herself by. Now annabel annabel and wait. Till i tell you this this is. I'm already getting excited by this. This is why i love this movie the higgins that adopter who the higgins are there the neighbors from the first annabel movie smoothie get killed by their daughter who is in a colt. Who went to find the annabelle doll. That the demon. That's been living in her for all. Those years was eventually in and when the demon knows that they're about to get killed by the cops goes back into the annabelle doll and it all.

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