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Brian bagwell lives in victorville california northeast of la and as a resident of the high desert community it is not uncommon for him to see tumbleweeds rolling on by just part of living out west but earlier this week they went from going by to stop by and now some are calling the huge influx of tumbleweeds in his neighborhood an invasion we reach brian bag will at his home in victorville so brian bagwell how's it look outside their today just like that my window and the wind blowing families are coming across my street once again back to my house ten the leads are back tell us about earlier in the week what were you doing when this socalled tumble weed invasion began memorial woke up in my office and my daughter's bedroom and hear the wind blowing pretty strong things you know being against the house so i decided to take on site it was going on my window and i was in dated with what we on my side jar and it was probably about three or four feet high at that time and high twenty five feet by ten feet wide i'll so you're talking about a kind of a wall of tumbleweed more like you see kumble come elites and you understand you had to drive through this to go and pick up your son from school what was that like to pick by from school healing lives i schools in my way and i had to go get him and coming back and going there i i was driving clock sometime always doing twenty five thirty miles i was driving there and then i was coming back imagine having a group of people lined up on the side of the road and throwing dodgeball as your driving your home to swerve out of the way of the larger ones run the little ones over and it was like a war zone why do you have to dodge them are they just not sort of a collection of weeds are they dangerous they're not little they're not little they're it's it's kind of a imagine a big ball maybe.

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