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You're out of here on your own is so something about the being off the electric Griddle that is the United States of America, the competitive nature, which is its beauty. But also it makes it hard to mesh seamlessly over here. You have to be beyond good to creating excitement, you know. Whereas in a lot of other countries, you know, if you're just if you're one of the best, and, you know, you're you're so far above because of you know, you're not producing so many greats out of. Out of tennis or out of other sports. You know, but but here it was the competition and everything was so was so not when Tony Roach wins in Alice Springs, when he's eighteen the word goes out, right right throughout the land. Right. There's something happening out not near the on their Ayers Rock. There's a kid with Rosie who's gonna perfect, you know, the good game travels. Over here. You're right. You're going up against Lee consisted, sixty nine months. There's loose story. Every second though, you kinda getting buried poncho. Then begins to punch a cigar begins to go out on the road with. I was so enamored of what he was a brilliant. Tactician wasn't he? Yes. He would. I I never watched anybody else play it. I always felt that my game was good enough. And if I was going to win go play my game. And if it wasn't good enough, you know, go play again. But poncho would go study my opponents and come back and say, you know, JIMBO and not many people call me that and I've told you that and and when he come back, and he'd say now, you know, when when you get to this point and this happens, and then you you've got to play the ball here. And when you play the ball here, you're booth and has to be like this. I mean, he, you know, he didn't he thought it out? He he gave it all to me. But he gave it all to me and such a condemn. Matter way, Dennis that, I didn't even know he's giving it to me. It's perfect for you. Because you're like a dog will run through a wall. If you get fed at the right time, somebody who respect I was I was at and I would've been and and I did, you know, I've got the scars to prove it, which you know. I wasn't. I wasn't afraid to do that. And and to put it all out there and to to leave it all out there because when I walked off the court. I was done always pretty good about that. I would know. But I didn't want to look back and say, jeez. If I'd have done this. You know, I could have you know, maybe I could have one I never felt that way. If I didn't figure it out there. I wasn't going to figure it out five minutes later. Yeah. I ran into John Lloyd last week in in Florida. He was with the rob Schneider where we're doing together. John light, lovely cat. I know you're good friends with him. And he told me. Unsolicited. I said, you know, I'm haiku Jimmy's. Yeah. I know you are and he's at I'm telling you for a year that guy hit the ball screws. He didn't miss a shot. I guess you're twenty one and you go a hundred and three right? One hundred wins three losses in the course of sees didn't lose many of that year. I I had a pretty good year that ios good. Well, he said that the one of the great injustices Johnson was that you had one three or four that year. And you would he's listened the French. He's rolling Garros at that point was like playing in a truck rally. I it was mud right? The balls were they might as well been billiard balls. But he said he couldn't lost. He wasn't missing any shots. But that year what what happens they screw around. Right. But there's turf issues, and you don't end up at the French. Now, I got banned from the French because I played team tennis, which was Billie Jean King came Ben with this new idea for tennis where I played.

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