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Of his shooting after strangelove so it's just really like every day they didn't necessarily know what what's gonna happen with this project and they're working their day jobs although ends up working on some actual movies while he's doing this an so he's got to worry about that schedule is well in just keeping actors i mean keeping actor for month is something but they're keeping actors for years at times with this i mean especially with pauline in yeah then they actually get a real actor was sebastian stan and they're using a just people that they meet for some of these other characters in you never know what you're gonna get when it comes to tractors i mean yeah this whole thing was just amazing that it actually came together and the third is coherence at all so i wasn't necessarily trying to complain about the film is just that there were times where i'm just like now what's happening now okay i guess i kind of get this so like the end of the film i was just like okay did what happened was what i think just happened and had reid about i was like okay yeah i i was right but again it's not just like okay now this is gonna happen now this is gonna happen i mean yeah pauline is not the kind of character be like i'm gonna take down the whole nazi regime from inside then go from there she's not that type of character she's not gonna live people in a movie theater and set them on fire no an interesting thing i the one of the connections i made a watching the film at sebastien shaw and you might wanna rip rerecord according to sell things sebastian shah mike because you're calling him sebastian stan oh he's not the same guy friday adventures she's not winter soldier oh man i thought he looked very familiar but he does look familiar because he is of course anikin skywalker and we know from me a these three prequels to these are words no i'm just a return of the jet i end wearing eight eight helmet to designed by john malo andrew mall of his brother which was based on german uniform so there's a little connections that so delightful in cinema i say you were talking about not being able to make connections i think compass lee there are moments in this film where you release even hit their stride is as filmmakers the training montage in particular is a really good training montage i realize everything from they sold the structure giving it to the way sharpton it's certainly one of the nice looking bits of the film i think that's probably one of the top two strangelove and coming into play that there were all these lovely moments where you can see him hitting their stride and they coincide i think we've when the strides ideologically could see training montage is lift you know that's pretty much infre nineteen fifties will maybe you've ever seen and then the i think the interesting thing about it is it kind of she wants signed with and then at the end of it when she's she's talking again we wanna pursue chris you're oh hang on a minute the nazis i shouldn't be getting into that i liked the way they use film and they use a soul detroit the montage a the the training sequence to kind of pull ups into her will cast roofing perhaps a bit and then again you suddenly kicked the how to the end and i think as well it it made me think about obeys training montage is and it kind of reminds you that what you're seeing is given to you and say you know this is quite the building a team that becoming bats people but it's so you know obviously it's training montage it to show a breakdown in the militarization of the person as well which is what's going on here by i i it's one of my favorite sequences in in in the phil murphy it's very interesting screening i even got few you you could tell people get into it a couple of law when she sat down skeptical you have to immediately go again people really going to it and then you come to a fascist and you're like oh yeah we we should.

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