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Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks discussed on CBS Sports Radio


For Dirk Nowitzki with with Dallas Mavericks that was a quick change it was a great deal and really we give people a week the spoilers but no credit it is pretty much all the time I believe will give those those guys enough credit it's just I'm not saying look I'm a two timing matchups injuries make a big difference all right well thank you Chris appreciate your call not right we see Anna he says his timing when he says Tom and that makes me think about like making a baby I don't know maybe that's my own brain in the in a terrible place let's talk to Dylan Colin I'm from California Dylan your CBS sports radio the jokes were pre show please go ahead eighteen we've been there for technical Luke men Dylan how old are you fourteen oh my goodness I was just talking about making babies and here you come down and what it does to get to get everything that I just said what do you think about when and the title is it lock or now no it's all about the skill and the chemistry between not only the teammates so close all the coaches and you could you could practice all you want and you can get better at it and you and they're sometimes we don't get better at it but no it's not it's not work unless it comes down to a final second shot from like half court and you make it then that might be that but right now you're right a half court shot that that's well I mean nowadays you look at some of these players in the NBA I mean they're practicing that shot I mean I see Trae young with my own eyes here in Atlanta I see him practicing half court shots all the time we seen Steph curry over the past few years Steph curry is taking shots you know in the tunnel that's not an NBA shot so do we still want to consider shots like that lucky because they practice them this is what you can for some people but you know I would yeah if I was shooting it in a win in that would be locked Dylan I appreciate your call not from Callie you call anytime okay all right thank you no doubt about it sent out to deliberate California let's talk to trigonometric your CBS sports radio lock or not to win a title in sports Hey what a real man I like they prayers up to my state Minnesota and everywhere around the world it was tough times man but I liked the look below who would it but you really need to have that chemistry in a right state of mind the people Matt if you've got that then you pretty much good to go and a lot of other things got playing away for look at like needle in the haystack Matthew Cain does look a lot and be like yeah I'm gonna go but you said it was like playing the lottery yeah pretty much you know me but I like that we need to NBA bat people need stuff to watch and then a day read Dr George raised up to a family man all three of the other offices need to be arrested man justice and peace and love their but it broke thank you so much appreciate you for calling out for many trade you be safe and you be well the sun everything pretty much got launched from last week or relaunch that should say let's go to Houston Texas let's talk to leave me your CBS sports radio do you agree with doc rivers no absolutely not locked in certain sports if we're talking about soccer which about one goal or something like that or even the NCAA tournament one game emotionally blocked because you came the play that one game but in a seven game series you go where one game may think it happened but to beat a team for clones what's not look god willing his car because clippers teams they were not the best meet your door never ever the best team one or two injuries on these other teams that would have been I don't know what you want to call back but in terms of basketball not David Tyree lock what do you mean what do you mean outside the other dogs for the ball desire when you are more than breaking some tackles can make a huge clay you look in terms of unbelievable pass rush none of that sounds like a lot to me what the mayor what is the user is a concept for losers all of the other dude just got lucky all men that are listed you got lucky no luggage for bombs Michael Jordan I heard that one of them a Michael Jordan was lucky what's the farthest thing from the truth there's nothing lucky about an ice water in your veins have you play ball you know your heart gets to race at the end of the game one man's law wasn't raised he was call he had it going on is not looking bother not many specially out of a seven game series more maybe lucky you had a header off the soccer ball across whatever's going back but basketball is not a love game and you know I appreciate lead lead came through and sat it out of Houston Texas thank you Lee you call up any time let's let's check it in and be more Jacob your CBS sports radio go on ahead you agree with doctor I definitely agree I am not but if you disagree you disagree with what leads a set out of Houston then yes components okay now I think that the Toronto raptors are the twenty nineteen champion we're the luckiest him like an hour no I mean they had a guy who's that multiple time MVP in the finals now they get really cool Eastern Conference championship on Oct four bound lucky buzzer beater in a you gonna tell me the war years were hurt yes exactly so that they were they were they had some luck they hit the jackpot there because of all the injuries yes I believe that the warriors were much better team than the raptors nine year so if we if we were to have a full squad of K. D. wouldn't be out there in a **** leg what would the situation have been are probably warriors in five or six games and of course I didn't get injured and inspects the warriors one of I had in my opinion I think that one that came okay I mean there's no way to to figure that out.

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