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This was a lot more fun of a topic before lamella just shit the bed in his last game. And I'm going to come out of the gate at this point. Lamelo his first step is actually incredible. And if he goes, he went through the last game they played he had zero free throws. They won. For him not to have 6 free throws in a game, is just such an abomination to me because so they go against the Celtics Monday night. Charlotte is a big lead, and lamella decides he's in New Zealand and just starts shooting 30 footers. He made one, which was like the worst thing that could have to announce, and he's just shooting 30 footers. And I'm watching, going, this is great. Please keep shooting those because every time you go to the basket, you get whatever you want. You could get a layup at the basket, you can get fouled or you can kick out to a wide open three point shooter. So please, keep firing up these 30 footers. So he's this frustrating combo of like just incredibly talented. One of my biggest misses I've had in the draft in the last 20 years. Just completely missed it. But yet, a muscle frustrated by almost like buy the game who is identity is in the game because there's certain games where you're like, oh, he gets it. This is unbelievable. I can't believe the words didn't take them. And then there's other games where you go, I understand why the words didn't take them. So I thought there was two days ago I thought, maybe he makes all MBA this year, then you watch the game the other day with 7 points, no free throw attempts. Like, oh, he's definitely not making the OB. What our give us give us your lamella takes. You mentioned something that I looked up specifically. The foul drawing is kind of it's kind of appalling. Before that Orlando game, 55 players were averaging 15 or more field goal attempts per game. Lamella was tied for third fewest free throws among those guys. I'd imagine that number went down. So it got even worse. Well, for this for this season, he's 1.4. So he shot 7 free throws in 5 games, which if you watch him, it's like, dude, nobody can stay in front of you. What do you do? He gets a little. I have a term that I made up and this seems like something you might approve of or disapprove of. But guys like him that he plays like this kind of like above the fray style Jamal Murray was like this until he shifted and started playing more physical. I call them tuxedo scores, like guys that like to keep their suit clean when they play. Like they don't really want to get in. He doesn't play like that, get in and sort of get his nose dirty, like so. And that's a big thing for him. If you watch him playing going to the basket, I mean, he's insanely creative. He does these weird Statue of Liberty floaters over bigs, where I'm just like, what the hell? And he can make them. But a lot of times he plays sort of like if you watch non physical drivers going to the rim, he gets his direction changed pretty easily. And he also doesn't fight back, like he's a guy who just kinda work around. And he just has a slight frame. The thing you said about like, the big thing for him is his start stop ability is crazy. Like once he gets somebody on the hook, he is so good at shifting his weight with his dribble and so creative that he can get in the room, but the problem is that he's played his entire life. The talent was there and recognizable, but the problem is that he's played his entire life with no repercussions for his decisions. So for him well, now he's in Charlotte where he's the golden boy, so he's not gonna be no repercussions either. He can have a game like he had the other night and they're just so happy he's on the team. They're not going to give him shit. But borrego sits him like borrego Saddam in the fourth quarter of that game because like did you get to see much of the fourth quarter of that game? Yeah. So he comes down and transition and they're trying to fight back. They're playing, okay, you know, Orlando's plane all right, they're trying to fight back. And he just shoots like a trans. It was like a two on one and he shot like a transition 28 footer and miles bridge is literally through his hands in the air, it was just like, what the hell are you doing? And that's the problem with him. It's just like he has all the courage. He has that fearlessness that you want, but his calibration of like time and situation, it's a work in progress. I mean, and yeah, so it's just coming up. Well, I think part of the problem with him, he got benched in that game, but it wasn't a big deal. And he's not a big enough star for it to be a big deal. But he's already getting all these wins from TikTok and Instagram and Twitter because he'll have a couple plays during the game and it's like, all right, he won Twitter again. And then he's putting up stats and at least a few of these things..

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