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Service in London with me Rebecca kes- be coming up more details on the attack. On what appears to have been a school bus in Yemen and later I care opens a flagship store in Hyderabad. In southern India with a restaurant that seats. Wait for, it one thousand people would get people to come, and honestly as I sit right now at the restaurant area I can see that I had not been able to get a meal because. It's been in AM and it's a long long More on that come but we begin with the latest in the case of the novel shot poisoning in the UK because the US State Department has imposed new sanctions on Russia as punishment for what it's now convinced was a biological or chemical attack on its. Own citizens illegal in international law but Sergei Julius crippled did survive the attack in the, small city of Salisbury in March but another British woman was killed and her partner contaminated after they found a, bottle containing the, powerful nerve agent three months later the sanctions, will kick in later this month they could be extended at the moment that they will relate mainly to exports of sensitive electronic components and other. Technologies that, can have military applications so far President Trump has, been silent on this latest move which could well derail his attempts to develop a new warmer. Friendship, and relationship with Vladimir Putin well Moscow Has hit back at the news it's. Consistently denied, the allegations and today described them as far fetched, the ruble has already slumped this morning though but the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry peskov spoke to Russian. Media, today Can you bring team the linking of any new restrictions. Which we continue to believe to be. A legal with the spirit case to be categorically unacceptable once again in the most resolute manner reject any accusations regarding the Russian stage possible involvement in what happened himself it is completely out of the question. Russia is not a never was involved in the use of chemical weapons and what's more we unable to, unambiguously say what was used in Great Britain because we have no. Information Kremlin, spokesman Dmitry peskov there that's the view from Moscow here in the UK the new US sanctions have been welcomed the foreign minister Jeremy hunt took to Twitter this morning to, thank the United States he said nerve agents and other horrific. Weapons must not come the new norm and states like Russia that. Use or condone their use needs to know, there is a price to pay but is that price high Hi enough Bob Seeley is a British MP for the. Conservative, party and sits on the foreign affairs select committee a short time ago he gave, me his reaction I think it's a sensible move and I think that duty-bound to do so. Will it, make much difference they seem, largely symbolic at this stage no but as the saying goes every little. Helps at it is good for the. British government that the United States has seemed to be clearly taking the same opinion sharing the same opinion as the British government that the the Russian state was tardy are largely behind us it's been a. Difficult few months for the British government trying to get to the bottom of what happened in Salisbury to, people deliberately poisoned it seems in Salisbury a further to contaminated one. Of those, died is extremely serious for the British government we hear this week that there's thoughts that the British of fairly convinced they know who may have been behind this attack yes, there is an assumption that There were two individuals Judging by what one can see in the newspapers and token to. To be in government, there, will be extradition warrants. Issued and arm shoulders extradition warrants will be. Ignored by the Russians all the Russians will try a gambit to suggest that we will. Observe consider these warrants if you, send us, somebody like, for example Bill broder who has been. Campaigning for the. Buck Nikki anti corruption anti money laundering acts which have been enacted by governments and. Parliaments throughout the world so they may offer in the same way that they did that Putin did with with Trump, a quid pro quo which clearly the United, States the United Kingdom not the. Nation's would not accept so what options are left then for the British because it's rather humiliating to have this kind of serious poisonous. Attack on, their soil I mean the British unable to protect their citizens. On, their own land well the Russians have Caradoc solutions here before at least one. Of them potentially, more it isn't good and this is why we've tried to get an. International coalition to act Against the. Kremlin's behavior there, is more that we could be doing that we should be doing however What can you do to be honest I think the most important. Thing that we could do right now is ensure the integrity of our electoral systems and our democracy we have, seen how that the Russians have clearly manipulated attempted to manipulate the two thousand sixteen US presidential elections and I, think much more extremely damaging information is going to come out on that in the next few months were you disappointed that President Trump didn't? Mention the script will? Case. When he addressed press in Moscow after that private meeting with Vladimir Putin a few weeks ago yes. I was surprised and disappointed, barge seems to be that the United States, currently has to Russia policies it has the administration's policy which is a traditional Republican policy towards Russia which is easy to understand -able and. It seems to be the President Trump is trying to run his own. Separate policy towards President Putin he seems to be bizarrely unable and unwilling. To criticize him in public he treats them differently differently from every other. World Leader despite the fact that. His administration continues to. Conduct a reasonably pasta and sensible policy towards Russians. So how do foreign? Diplomats and other, administrations around the world how do you approach that then it must be very confusing to know what the Americans think about Russia. I think it is very difficult on it depends his running Russia policy teddy given moment President Trump is very, limited in what he can do she can't just if sanctions because they're imposed by congress he has to obey, the laws of the land which are now kicking in as regards the chemical the use of chemical weapons on British soil so his hands? Are tied but he?.

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