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Security. We read this morning that there was an attempted bombing of a church in Pittsburgh and the FBI found out about it, and they stopped it from happening. It was ISIS related and that's really awesome. We don't hear enough about those stories. You only hear about the stories where things go wrong. The bomb went off people were killed and all that. And then we're all like man didn't anybody coming, but when they do see it coming in. They prevent it. You barely hear about so but good for them. I'm glad that, that makes me smile. Today. She now here's another great story. So there's the pizza delivery guy this happened in Kentucky. Mark. Wade is the guy's name. He's delivering pizza to an area motel knocked on the door and the door open to reveal a man in the hotel room motel. Excuse me, the motel room and naked child on the bed behind him. He the pizza delivery guy thought this is a little sketchy. I I'm gonna call the cops just in case he did call the cops. Cops responded and found two girls hiding in the room. An investigation led the authorities to believe this man had been abusing his daughters, and he was charged with multiple offenses. The pizza delivery guy said look, I've got kids, and if I'm going to protect kids, I'm going to do it. If I if I can't protect kids, I'm going to do it. He was honored by the police department gutter metal got an award in everything for for just speaking about good. And thank God, he did to the Cup said boy, if you hadn't said anything, who knows what would have happened to those kids, they probably would have suffered further abuse if he hadn't intervened. So awesome. You see something, say something right? Even if you're not sure to just call. Somebody is ask or never hurts not exactly. You can be wrong. I guess when we come back next. Here's a little trivia question for you to think about shaggy. You see if you can get this one, right? Someone figured out the most common word mentioned in Slipknot lyrics, like a top four or five, if you can get any of that, okay? One of them by the F word. So we can't say that. We'll have that coming up for you. Plus a new Taylor swift controversy over new video and the new theory about why.

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