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The plane with about two hundred pounds of newspapers flying monitor unloaded them that's it's the most glamorous needs type of run in the world at they throwing them off the bat is to fly them in an athlete and how many piles of newspapers would that be two hundred cloud quite a few positive beat gum it's a big ties i mean away end up by end up leading the know usually with about one hundred pounds in the rear of the time about a hundred pounds the papers as quite a few newspapers important appoint very important waiting balances something um every pilot does for of reload whether it's a giant passenger plane commercial airliner whether it to the nets take like what do i fly wait wait and balance uh very important i was on a plane which was one of those onceived than two seats um with ireland in in between and i was sitting in the front than the flight attendant came and asked me to sit in the back for balance of the plane not that i'm that big oil i'm only a hundred seventy five pounds for crying out loud but the credit rating that little played went into faith or pitching ueda one seventy know a thing you're talking about a passenger small regional ajat he'll play yeah yeah um well it yeah that's what they even in plain that five it's important to uh to uh carefully calculate and balance and you center of gravity the you don't stole on take off and he caught recover from um exceeding an angle of attack that you may sh may sh notice uh we shouldn't have succeeded say stalling in petra so um yeah whenever anyone's flying especially on the small planes especially if you come out and visit us in the beautiful caribben 'cause we are recovered and everyone should come and plan they all the days come out here and help our economy recover come and visit.

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