President Trump, Kyle Riton, Joe Biden discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


And I got the same lessons in Tuesday, scene of three days of violent protests following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Using is an opportunity to praise the federal response. To the unrest there in Wisconsin, and we move very, very quickly and as soon as we move that was the end of that it was very well behaved. The White House says the president will travel there to meet with law enforcement even though Wisconsin's Democratic governor has requested the president reconsider his trip Flux is rich Edson Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, speaking in Pittsburgh Monday, said the president is making things worse. This president Long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country. He can't stop the violence because for years he's fomented, the president said. It's the Democrats who failed to condemn the violence in several cities, suggesting it has a political motive. An attorney representing the 17 year old boy accused of killing two protesters in Kenosha last week, says Kyle Riton house clearly acted in self defense. The individual Mr Rosenbaum, who was leading the attack on him. Set upon him immediately began to assault him from behind attempted Tio take his weapon, Take his firearm and Kyle when he turned, he instantaneously had no choice. But to defend himself by firing, Attorney John Pierce says Rittenhouse will play the not guilty. Tensions are rising in Los Angeles, where a crowd is gathering near the scene of an officer involved. Shooting details are sparse, but L. A County sheriff's Department says two deputies opened fire after a suspect dropped a bundle of clothes he was carrying revealing a firearm and shot at them. On Wall Street. Monday, the Dow dropped 223 points the S and P lost seven. But the NASDAQ closed 80 points higher. America is listening to Fox News. From the Fox News Podcasts Network alone Torino in Styer, Walt, I'll tell you what, Right now We're in the very heart of the point of lightly attached. Partisans are now receiving the bat's signals are up. It's the homestretch..

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