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We're back Carl Franklin, Ritchie Campbell talking about super volcano. Something I know absolutely nothing about except what I've learned in the last twenty minutes. So I'm really, really fascinated by this stuff. So. So what makes a super volcano, a super volcano, not just a volcano. So the there's a thing called the volcanic, explosive index, and it works very much like the Richter scale for earthquakes k. and so let's judge what's significant in the earth in the power of the volcano is a bunch of different factors. It's logarithmic. Like the Richter scale. So from going from one number, the next is really a tenfold increase in violence, right? And so but there is a zero level, so kill away is actually considered a v. i. of zero. Not that it isn't destructive. It's just not an explosive eruption right? Throwing less than ten thousand cubic meters of Jeter. Okay. Now I mean cubic meters, not small, right? That's roughly three foot cube. So ten thousand cubic meters. Three hundred fifty thousand cubic feet sounds like a lot. But when you get up to a Saint Helen's class, right and Saint Helen's was v. i. of five. Okay. Saint Helen's through slightly over a cubic Coombe of material into the atmosphere. Wow, jeez. So that's pretty serious eruption, right? Like you're in the know fooling category then, and but very, I mean, it was not easy on the people that killed. It certainly wasn't easy on the places that that destroyed. It destroy a substantial piece of the eastern Washington and put ask across a large area, right? But ultimately are, you know, it's not a civilization ending thing to have a, the five volcano erupt and they are relatively rare. We typically go and then he given time there's a hundred two hundred volcanoes erupting somewhere in the world. Most of them are, you know, zero ones and twos only every ten or so years. Do we see something of Saint Helen's power, like a five right. Pinatubo which was rented in nineteen Ninety-one in the Philippines was a six. Okay..

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