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Going to the store Safeway's nearby. That's one of the major retailers around here on the West Coast Safeway's nearby. I'm going to go in. I'm going to pick up some milk while I bring my Handy Dandy phone along with me of course because is my wife may want to pick up something else and in addition to mill so I walk into the store. Guess what I'm a member of the Safeway rewards program a Ha- I've opted in the says hey when I'm in Safeway. I'm open to receiving offers okay so I walked down the aisles boom. There's beacons installed. They are winging they go. Oh well. We know the system the point of sale system what Bruce's bought or what specifically his wife is bought many times or what I don't we we offer them a coupon for days Brad because you know what we need them to buy more Brian how you know. I love that Dave spread that Dave's killer bread. I love it too so Oh yeah look at David Goss new cool. Stop you know I don't pumpernickel with whatever seeds all attached to it so I picked that up that you cannot not do that. If you have to go through that old architectural staff you have to do it in a new stack and what's happened right now some of the leading some of the leading companies like might say we built Safeway rewards they had to handcraft at a friend of mine actually was CIO for many years Barry Levinson you work with me at Oracle and he literally had a hundred two hundred PhD's who were designed it basically manage and run after spending hundreds of millions of dollars on on building from scratch hobbling together all of these different technology to make the rewards program were well that that is analogous analogous to having to take a compiler to write your own to write a database. That's kind of the state of where we are. This next generation is you're not going to have to Tom. Tom Sables new companies C. Three day I is a is a dot com. I would highly recommend Thomson New Book while Digital Transformation thought it was great and it was awesome having him on the podcast and I was I expected the book to be good. I didn't expect to be I didn't expect it to be that good. It's really good and the other thing that's interesting. It's just a side note and you touched on a little bit earlier. My conversation with Tom like all legendary conversations also occurs on multiple levels and of course there's the surface level what he's saying which is fascinating and the things he's unveiling in these ideas okay great but underneath that one of the things exist going on as you're experiencing a master hat gray designer market engineer category Creator whatever term you want to apply to it but he is doing doing what the legends do which is he. He is the one with a point of view. He's the one who's framing the thinking. He's the one who saying this is what's important. He's the one who saying I think this is how you should value this shit. This is the strategic reason to do it now not three years from now he's the one driving right and then other people are gonNA play. Hey in his wake yeah. I don't think people realize just how good Tom Siebel. Is You know be I remember let's see I San San Hill on is that I think it was vinny bidding Sean as a blog or it might have been Mr rang. Swami has yeah Sandhill DOT COM yeah so I remember something about outlook posted around Tom and and somebody wrote Tom. sepals of washed up has been you know Blah Blah and I thought you have no freaking idea who you are talking about so so the and you know the the the last laugh is on because this new company Siebel may have had a big market the crm market it is is huge. We can take a look at salesforce in see just how big that market is what times pursuing with this whole digital transformation with seed three as a platform I think is massively larger than than that particular market show and Tom as you said is a master market engineer and you can see all the same stuff that that he did Siebel at how he created a whole. CRM industry is being replicated. Here may not have been as fast asked. It may have taken a little longer to get to where we are now but I think Tom's got the bit and you know a lot of people think that just because somebody's in their sixties author author tired and have no energy and are are are not as A. Tom is a competitive man. I'm telling you he is going to own. The strict. Category is no doubt in my mind so interesting. The data supports that I didn't episode awhile ago I forget the specifics of the research but the net of it is entrepreneurs north of forty are disproportionately responsible for creating a meaningful long term enduring value and so look as it really cool when a twenty ninety two year old person does simpson amazing in creates a multi absolutely in should we put that on the cover of magazines in for sure but that's not the vast majority of who get this done unfortunately the limited partners of all bought into the bullshit that Yup. It's a you know to be gotTA. Be Twenty Five to be an entrepreneur you gotta twenty five and in some extent the bench your community is been as lead this but if you look at the real facts of the returns from WHO's made the investments to WHO's generated I think it would end and who's generated those returns. The vast amount of returns really come from the enterprise face and if Ear Inn enterprise entrepreneurs as you said the the agents Muc- around forty six e those are the best ones. Do they want somebody twenty five years old who's never built a company went out Nino Winter School Stanford. Mba Do you want that person on your board or do you want somebody's actually built a billion dollar. Company done been there are done that and can be as sounding board for Hey. Here's the shit that had happened to me. You might want to avoid it. That's what if you're forced to take it from person best best fly. That's a whole different deal but I'm descended you had if you have a choice you would probably prefer to put at least I would. I want people I would want. Tom Siebel on my board right I would want I want people who are going to give me grief because I'm not thinking about the problems that are that lie directly in front of me and and take me to task making sure things done. It's not about being my friends about making sure we make this thing. Were so the point of all this is I'm a huge believer in digital transformation you could see common you can see it steamrolling and you could see the evidence is clear it is manifesting now in the enterprise the your alternative other than a c. three or Spicer Sheen another company that investor and so you know disclosure disclosure. I'm an investor both in C. Three splice Shane the these are companies that are providing a better providing these these tool kits to enable you modernize is your application or to write these new. I am elapse the the issue the other alternative is much. PhD's and and pulled together like a hundred different discrete components that are open source very inexpensive but you have to understand how to put all that stuff together and so that's why I was using a compiler analogy from back you know sorted in the late sixties early seventies yeah you cold your database okay but is that really where the value is going to come from and I think yeah the other problem is that all these great companies like Hulu and Amazon or sucking up all of these anyway. You're not going to get them. You know they're offering a million dollar signing bonus for these young bright minds and and so what are you gonNA do instead dead. I think what you're GonNa do is you're going to license the technology from these companies like C. Three let them hire the PhD's these other smart computer scientists and used their technology to build your modern real time Jewish League transformed company and at the same time educate your your your your your organization so I'm another disclaimer is a big bowl. I see is workforce new workforce training in digital skills and so so I created company called green fig that provides work experience not just not training on salesforce so the Trademark Keto again you can get that from those companies in having will fly that so brief as a company offering experiential a work in applied business science so knowing how how to apply those technologies and in partnership with universities. Uc Santa Cruz is we just begin customer so so so so. You're a banana slug now we are you know you know go to ugliest greatest t-shirt. Ever is the banana slug t-shirt of course made famous listen pulp fiction anyway that gets the point is is that I'm a huge I think is exciting as it has been for me but it lasts sort of thirty years doing this to stop I think the next the next ten to twenty I picked I think digital digital transformation is likely to take ten to twenty years. There's and the reason is that it's so massive which then is an opportunity for investing in these disruptive technologies right to overhaul them overhaul business models you know overhaul workforce's overhaul the computational and server technologies that are that are going to be needed to revive these these environments rose. I think that's an amazing insight and I think you're I think you're mostly right right. I mean Look No. Nobody has as a crystal ball but it certainly feels like this is where we're moving and the other thing. I was just as a side note blown away by Tom on is the investment he and his he makes it his people's education resist donner he the very sharp guy so if you remember remember what Siebel you still look like inside you go in every office we I was never invited over Swinburne competitors at the time so you're inviting me to the Monday staff meeting yeah so you know suits and ties. Everything was sort of same look and feel very very but down corporate. She go inside the offices C. Three. It's a little more relaxed. Tom is a clever man es adapted with The Times Yeah I noticed he has there's a photo of them. Out with his hair is kind of who want more wild look in and he sort of looks like he's on on his ranch or something or so yeah. Maybe he's like. I never thought he'd have a pitcher with his hair. Looks like he's blowing in the wind is adaptable yeah anything else you want to John Bruce Conversation Chris Aso's really thank you brother. I'm stoked came back congratulations again on the awesome success of traction gap. It's a great book. I highly recommend it to everybody and I look forward to having you back again. Soon there is there's a reason that Bruce Cleveland's Lee legend and Silicon Valley. I sure hope you enjoyed that conversation and if you did why not share it with somebody in your life I want you to know that we deeply appreciate you sharing this podcast cast now. Are you building a high growth company because if you are you need a platform that can take you.

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