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Was to support people in the most ideal way because they're just having a constant. I think he said it or if he didn't, the implication was, people are naturally marinating and positive emotions and we human beings and Barbara frederickson at the university of North Carolina Chapel Hill has reconfirmed this. That we, human beings, are hardwired, hardwired, come into the world. Hardwired to thrive on positive emotions. So when we don't get them, that's where disengagement comes from. Like, I have a boss that never says thank you. I have no idea where this career is going here. Nobody ever says this work matters. Nobody makes me feel like, you know, if there's a downturn tomorrow that I won't be the first one out of this company on a layoff. All of these kinds of things. And so he said, you know, you have basically done everything that leaders should be doing. And you did them based on your upbringing. That's brilliant. We are already at the end of part one of the show. We're going to get into part two, but you know, just to sort of back up and validate what you're just saying. Antonio damasio, who is a neuroscientist, said, in his research, he was able to show a good emotion. So we think a lot of time when we can think about decision making, we go, oh, that's very nice. You know, you've got to support people and be kind to them and yeah, we get that, but there's got nothing to do with decisions. And so Antonio damasio said neuroscientist shows that emotions are enmeshed in the neural network of reason. You can't make a decision. You can't come to a place of reason without emotions being enmeshed in that process. It's in the neural network. So if you don't create that environment and I'm not going to say positive because honestly I don't even like that term positive emotions because it's got so many weird connotations for me. But if you don't place people in an environment where they feel nurtured and cared about, like once you do that, it changes everything. You can not see the world differently. It's easy to be cynical, of course. But when somebody is nurturing and loving to you, they can be positive and you can go all sunshine and roses and all bullshit. But maybe behind doors, they're different. But when somebody's genuinely nurturing to you, the way you were with those people, people can't deny that they can be suspicious, but they can't deny it. They can't go, yeah, it's fake. Because it's real. And we feel that in a very real sense. And that process is that every level of the brain, that processes in all three parts of the brain, the midbrain, the prefrontal cortex, which is the logic center and the old brain, right? It all goes, oh, and the gods drop away, and people feel valued. It's incredibly important. Thank you, Marco, really appreciate you sharing that. In part two of the show, I want to get into the application of this because it's very important. And I particularly want to get into the application of it in the context of, you know, we had COVID, people came back. It was a boom. Then we had the great resignation. People walking away, quiet quitting, and now we're on the brink of what appears to be potentially a global recession. It could be all kinds of problems. That's a lot of up and downs. I wrote a lot about it myself. I know you have, I've written about how normal is over and it was over like COVID was the killing of all that. I want to talk about this in that context when stress levels, anxiety levels and financial woes are at the high. Want to talk about what this really means for us and how we can use it as leaders and for ourselves and our families. So we're going to be back in part two of the show and we'll talk more about that before we go. Please tell our listeners where they can find out more about you Mark and about your books and about all the processes and all the value that you bring to people. Thank you. I think the easiest way is Mark C Crowley dot com. Remember the C, there's actually another mark Crowley out there. So I had to add the C 12 years ago. Mark C Crowley dot com all roads lead to Rome, you can find my Twitter handle LinkedIn, all that Mark Crowley dot com. All right, and we will make sure that those links, of course, are published in the show notes. So if you don't catch that, it's fine we'll make sure it's there. And by the way, in case you're on Twitter, Mark C Crowley, there's a big following there, mark is very active on Twitter. There's still some sane people on Twitter and Mark is one of them making a massive difference. So

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