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It's seven o'clock increase in positive tests. That's a warning sign that you might be seeing a surge doubling down on a disputed drug. It's safe. It doesn't cause problems. Social media misinformation. These house members will really be grilling these titans of Tech. Good morning. I'm Steve K Thin with the CBS World News Round up as Corona virus deaths close in on 150,000 in this country, 21 states with high case numbers are now in the red zone. And the Trump administration warns five of them Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia and Tennessee could face worse outbreaks if tough action is not taken here. CBS's David Beg know, the White House Corona Virus Task force has designated Florida as one of the 21 states where no gatherings of more than 10 people are recommended. It's the same in the state of Alabama. That's where Pastor Ricky Williams says after a 64 persons service earlier this month, 20 members of his church tested positive. We had some in a warm ass on the inside. Yes, and we distance. Still, the push to reopen schools continues, including here in Florida in the last two weeks. Pediatric hospitalizations for covert 19 Jumped 42% in the state and cases rose 82% during the same time period. At the White House, CBS's Paula read tells us about what President Trump is saying President Trump sparring with reporters and pushing the controversial drug hydroxy Chlor Quinn. I happen to believe in it, I would take it as you know, I took it for a 14 day period on DH. I'm here, but his own FDA cautions against using the drug to treat Cove it. The president also defended his decision to Retweet. This video, which promotes the drug were America's front line, doctor's Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. All deleted the video for making false claims about Cove it they're very respected doctors There was a A woman who was spectacular in her. Statements about it actually used to dis medications. But that woman has also made videos, saying things like doctors make medicine using DNA from aliens. I thought her voice was an important voice, but I know nothing about her. The president also retweeted an attack on Dr Fauci, but he continues to insist that to have a great relationship. He's got a very good approval rating, and I like that, even as he wondered aloud why he wasn't as popular as the top doctor. Nobody likes me. It can only be my personality. More sharp criticism about How the president is handling the pandemic from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. He's determined to stoke division and chaos and about his choice for a running mate. I'm gonna have a choice. In the first week in August, photographer who captured Biden's notes revealed talking points about Senator Kamala Harris. She's one of the women of color he's apparently considering. The CEOs of top tech companies are in Washington as Congress looks at misinformation on social media. CBS's Errol Barnett Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected.

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