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I liked the fact that he's just a genuine good character. He stands for good things. He has pure intentions. He is a big DORK. Just like me. I'm a big Geek and I'm not afraid to admit it. I've always been a nerd and full frontal nudity. Man Let those. Let your your nerd. Flag fly now especially that. It's considered cool. I mean I don't know if people still get Bullied over lack in that stuff. I've always been like six three so I never got bullied for liking cartoons or or liking anime. And all that stuff but I know a lot of kids did unfortunately and hopefully. We're at a point where that is gone. Or that's minimized at least so people getting the word out there it's like. Hey Sub Elitist Stop Hating on DUB people just because they prefer it in English. Just like DUB people shouldn't hate on the subs for preferring it and Japanese. If you're the creator of this show you wanNA reach as big an audience as possible and so in order to do that. You're going to have to produce it in everyone's local language not everyone wants to read subtitles. It's just a fact it's not it's not a judgment. It's just what people are comfortable doing and I noticed that with me. I am just personally more comfortable watching something in my native language and I'm not saying it's better than the Japanese performance but I can't judge the Japanese performance because I don't speak Japanese. Yeah seriously yeah definitely So one that I had a another fan question that I had So this one I think is kind of interesting Kind of trying to wordsmith little bit so with voice acting really acting in general and doing radio you know that's very competitive career and something that comes with a lot of risk So while you were going down this path you know what were like. Were there any other types of like career paths that you kind of let go in order to pursue this You know what types of things did you have to like their shift around or sacrifice to pursue this career. Well I did have to pick up and move my entire life up route everything I didn't know a soul in L. A. Except for a couple of industry contacts Jonathan Klein who runs new generation pictures? They did the DUB for street fighter and helsing and I knew Steve Blum and Those guys basically went above and beyond they said. Hey when you come out here let me know and we'll we'll try and schedule you for something in a row. Pass your demo along or something and those guys really really helped me get established out here. leaving a fulltime job with decent pay and at least a predictable paycheck and insurance benefits and walking into the unknown. If I could go back in time I would have saved a lot more money because I went from. I'm getting long. My bills are paid too. I'm instantly broke and there's no I can't go back to radio. What am I GONNA do? And I ended up trying to supplement my income by working on Internet radio production. Just you know producing some talk show stuff and just trying to light a fire under the voice acting thing but I. I ended up securing the Egypt. That's deblum. Has I got more work through the studios. He was working at do. Anime Studio Palace did NARUTO. They did bleach and new generation. Of course I got on their talent roster and then I got to do street fighter and things like that and Jonathan Klein was instrumental in in nudging Disney when they made wreck. Ralph saying hey we noticed there's street fighter characters in this trailer. You know we have the we have the DUB cast right here in town if you ever want to use them and They ended up hiring me and Reuben. Langdon to reprise are streetfighter roles for a cameo in wreck it. Ralph. That's awesome. School is great now. We're seeing more films like that You Know Record Ralph Ready Player one was a it was a big one. You know we're just like it's all about. The gaming world is all about video game universe of showed I like really embracing like you know gain the gaming community what was that. What was it? Like auditioning for review. Yeah I had to sign an NDA which normally do sign a nondisclosure agreement after recording you know basically stating I can't talk about it without permission until it's out I had to sign that just to audition so capcom had this little three ring. Binder of character audition scripts and I signed it and The name of the game and all the all the code names were on there for characters so really was called something Dave or something but I saw the character designs on the audition scripts and I know diseases and yeah geeked out. I wasn't great at streetfighter. I'm not a good competitive gamer. At all I'm casual man. I am operation. Meet Shield in college. I get sniped so fast but I love button mashing fighters and and all that stuff so I knew how can I con? Extreme fighter was in getting to try out for re you can L. Forte Honda and Golly couple of others I didn't think I had a chance. I said No. This is too huge. There's no way because the mentality of voice actor has to have I mean is mandatory or else you're going sane is to do the best candy dishes and then immediately divorce yourself from it. Don't think about it. Don't just go nuts going. I hope they hire me. I hope the army chances are they're not because it is like you said it's super competitive so I did my auditions and I went home and I got on with my life and then fast forward a couple of months. I'm in a convention and the director for Helsing was also set to direct the DUB for street fighter four Taliban Jaffe who is now with the critical role gang and he said hey man congrats. I said for what it's like. Oh you didn't know yet what you got the man and he hinted and like I knew what he was talking about. Oh my God pinch myself crazy and that led to the wreck it Ralph and Super Smash brothers and it's like how did this happen? This is is wild. I had no idea that I would get to play such an iconic character and iconic franchise. That's that's so huge and is showing no signs of slowing down. What do you think Go next like you said like him popping up in Super Smash using smash brothers. Who was the game that you mentioned wanting to be crazy if he popped in like a guest character for like let's say remember that assures that assurance? Raff game that came out and it had that like playable streetfighter mode. I think it was in deal. Sea Yeah Yeah it was the CNA let you play as a sure is like the street fighter. Four mad and stuff like that we see. Where do you think it'd be cool if what they put ruin here? Maybe so caliber. Maybe dude that would be. That would be epic but I'll I guess so calibers. What Namco and all that. There'd be a lot of fighting and bickering back and forth. It's it's hard to get those team ups you know but you did Tekken Cross or streetfighter cross-checking and they kept rumors. Kept going out that they were gonNA make the reverse one as a sequel. But I have heard no progress about that one. I mean Kuma is in Tech Indo. He isn't tech and seven. Yeah Yeah so As far as where R- you could show up next. I don't know I mean maybe if they continue to make capcom marvel versus Capcom. I hope they do. Because that's always a fun series and that's the one I have better luck button mashing at Anyway Co Nice Okay so I think We just have a couple more questions before we close out here so you can just jump right into that So the my last question for you that I have is Regarding social media so with that being so prevalent you have twitter. I know you're also on cameo and did some work with unlocked on so with all of those things being around. You know the gap between the fan base and celebrity has gotten really small So do you have any thoughts on that on how? That's impacted fangio overall. Whether that be positive or negative I think that every actor and creator definitely thrives on feedback. They'd like to know that their art in their craft is being appreciated on some level. So I know that I'm super jazz to get to be able to to get feedback as quickly as social media allows me in from around the world Like avenues like twitter. Instagram facebook And now unlocked wherever weekly stream on Saturday nights and I'll talk to the fans and and try to make it as laid back as possible. It's like this is like a chill version of Con- panel. We're GONNA have fun and it's only as comfortable as the actor or the talent wants to make it. It's like I. I LOVE INTERACTING WITH FANS. I always have ever since I got on twenty years ago on. Dragon Ball It's just whatever people are comfortable doing and I think there's a lot of actors and creators that before social media. They weren't really interactive. They weren't on the con- seeing they weren't you know they just go home to their lives and they had no idea you know the the the transformers cast had no idea that you know they knew it was big but they had no idea that people looked up to their voice acting performances. Peter Colin and Frank Welker and all these people you know they were just having fun in the eighties you know. Go into a studio and get into record You know cartoons and entertaining kids but when you hear the stories from the fans nowadays talking about how their lives are touched whether it's just plain entertainment or make an smile or laugh or just get out escape reality and deal with horrible life crisis or even crushing depression in escape that just for a little bit with a game or a show. That's like that's icing on the cake that you can put no dollar value on. It's like yeah we we. We like to get paid for what we do. And we love what we do but to make a difference in someone's life. I had no idea that I would be able to do that. Usually hear that about doctors and historical type figures. And all that you don't really I'm not used to hearing that as far as entertainers go. But I'm starting to hear it now. Social media were musicians are talking about. You know musicians other musicians in the new generation looking up to the older generation and artists the same sort of thing celebrities. Same sort of thing and it's like how do I get started what I do? I see a lot of crossover a lot of the same questions before just eager to become creative You know self employed type too where you're your own boss and it's stressful and You could take all the steps necessary and still not really achieve any great length of success but if you stick to it Who knows what the future holds for anybody so I encourage anyone who has a dream or even even thinks about doing something in the Industry. The pop culture world Beyond just being a fan becoming one of those creators That they take steps. Little Baby steps takes years takes ten years to be an overnight sensation. Yeah well said thank you. Well I would say that my last question sorry if suber generic then no view heard it so many times before your career but being that we live in the world that we live in today the desire to be a voice actor is extremely high and there are so many sites out there and there are so many fan projects of like where you can start in get into the world. I know a big group. A team. Four star a big fan of those guys. I love them and you know just a bunch of guys just parodying their favorite shows and now team four stars.

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