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Got so now i. He's a spy behind enemy lines if he gets caught. Yeah so let. Let's be clear. Andrew rohan was the real deal. He was a stud. He did what he was asked to do. And by all accounts he did it with very little whining or complaining. The fact that fleming the guy over on history net spent four thousand words clearing that up. I think that's great. But really in the original essay that hubbard wrote it was just a parenthetical. These things are not the point. The brain is this some guy named fleming goes no no no no no no. That's not the point now. Might be your point. But i have another point which was cool because now in my world some guy named tim johnson on my facebook page says none another. No no wait a second. Remember his letter to me is based on the fact that he thought i went to a meeting. Based on a conversation. I had with bill whittle last week on the podcast and he thought my presence at that meeting which might very well have been attended by some conservatives would therefore negate my ability to tell the story of a work ethic scholarship recipient through my foundation. Because in tim johnson's world a conservative. Can't do a good thing with regard to the working class right. So all of these assumptions are all baked together. Once again at all distills into this prison of two ideas. But there's room for everybody. There's room for mr fleming to take exception with one paragraph in hubbard's peace and there's room for read something by a commandant in the marine corps not long ago who basically said look. It's time it's time to retire. This essay which used to be one of their default goto instances of leadership and writing. and now. they don't wanna do it anymore..

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