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Shark basically just comes right up and canada's eats her again that's at anxiety that oh that one always bothered me for some reason it was just like because she's so innocent she just so completely innocent and you can hear her in a voice that she's just trying to save the martha who played margie margie. Marj aren't large. She and her sister susie where two of the number one number two sailors in the world when they when she got cast in her sister. Susie train us out of sail the boats and stuff and she's a schoolteacher. Now so i keep in touch with the mall. Do you still sale to this day. I probably can. But i haven't we haven't again there. It's funny when i was when we were on the gulf of mexico. It didn't feel dangerous at all. Despite the fact that the locals didn't want us there and they were chumming in the water when we were shooting trying to bring sharks to kill us while we were shooting the actual film so for some reason on the gulf of mexico it never bothered me never sold scary or anything even though you know you have these huge basking sharks go past you and you could have been scary. But had we filled it in the atlantic ocean. I would have been freaked out and most of the time. I'm either in the pacific ocean or the atlantic ocean. And i don't wanna on onto passenger gulf mexico. Just felt like it was just a big bathtub or something did read. There wasn't actual shark. They kind of came into the actual thing. Mike while y you're filming they literally were. There was a shark rodeo. The column which a fishing contest one peer down from the pier from our hotel and they only did that to piss off. They were jumping all the time and we were so naive the the they told the kids all kids. Don't worry about the sharks. We have Scuba divers with dark guns. So you'll be fine. Well if you know anything about sharks kept take two seconds. They're not gonna even have loaded that they. Yeah so. that was scary. Keith gordon on his little rubber boat he had a was a little sharp. Maybe a foot long that just he must have thought keith's boat was the mother or something he just. He followed it around for a couple of days. And then i think he accidentally was coming into shorting killed it by going on over the top of but the horrible story. Anyway how. I did read it as something kinda funny about the movie as in the beginning. Like when roy brody's character they find the orca kind of in he's like this is a shark and that was kind of like there was a little bit of movie. Trolling going on. Though there was a movie called will jaws came out and then or the movie came out in an orca or kills. A great white shark is sort of a swipe at jaw show. Who is more dangerous. Yeah yeah that was bo derek data. I don't remember. I don't always work getting remember bulgaria. You don't remember the work. I remember bo derek. And then you guys reese white back. Family dead orca movie. Trolling in its best. Right there right there. That was cool. That that that that Orca was. I don't know what they made out of fiberglass. It wasn't a real dead animal. It was a fiberglass or something that they had put together. Did a nice job on that too pretty cool and then director. Schork went on to do somewhere in time yet. Which is a you know..

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