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Anyway The COME BACK. They fight professor Queen Brood and Ultimately he gets a D. brooded when he's like on his death's door cyclops and we'll Rian. They're all sort of debating. Like do we kill him and instead cyclops is like Nah. Let's not kill him. He's like a dad to me They take him to a she our spaceship and Maura and I believe Leandra in tandem clone professor in new body. A new body immersed nonchalantly. She just like well. We couldn't save him but we could clone a new body and put his brain in it. So here's Charles. And he's walking awesome and way too easy and also something to keep an eye on because they just cloned him a new body and does that mean. I'm I'm into it. I think it's funny. It's a good. It's a good exchange in a good issue. I also do like the dynamic of Maura and Lantra where Orlando is the current girlfriend. Myra the acts. But they're friendly and both sort of teaming up on Charlie I would like to see more of them talking to each other and having conversations. Yeah Yeah you get a weird vibe. Where they're both like. Yeah he's like all of his ex's are surrounding him. Yeah Yeah And then we speaking ahead says we do skip You skip some good issues here. Some classic moments I wanNA mention x is a let you keep thinking about that in one sixty eight you get. The classic professor X is a jerk lined by kitty paddle. You've been looking for that. That's where that is. It's not part of the reading list but obviously if you like X. Men the entire extended Clermont legacy. Oh I do also have to mention here. We are at the point now with new mutants kicking off where the quote Unquote Clara. Clermont era of X. Men It makes it crosses issues right. It's not like each other for sure there is right. There's a reading sort of crossover nature to all this. I highly recommend you either. Follow the master spreadsheet list not according to episode release or better yet go to comprehend dot com. Check out the Clermont X. Men reading order where I've laid out the issues because it does really matter as we saw just go read it by publication date on Marvel Limited and you give whatever whatever advice talking about people are going to not listen to you still. It's annoying that. Yeah you take some well. So like in one of the UNCANNY X men issues. They just dropped the bomb of just like. Oh yes What was it like? I can't remember silver. Samurai something we dealt with. They faced off against the new mutants and killed. Sean John. Yeah that's A. That's why Tom Karma dead again. I looked it up. She'll be back but Nabet that and I miss her already. She's so cool. Alrighty let's the US actually Yes so all right. Speaking of ex you know. A country doesn't have an excellent name Japan. Speaking of Japan Wolverine traveled there in the Wolverine Miniseries. This is clearly a follow up to that. Miniseries sure is sure. Is We do skip a couple introduction of the morlocks here as well as we always get the pretty big to me. Pretty big thing to skip but Well you know what as I say? Time and time again and one read it all. It's good to to curated list. Baby we gotta make sacrifices. Wise will never get through it. We also joined the experts in one. Seventy one another huge moment. Yeah I mean you that here. No definitely do it despite my like. I don't know like being kind of lukewarm on this year's X. Men like I am going to go back and read all these like because if nothing else I think. His ideas are great like us. Introducing stuff that will like issue by issue like one issued. Does anyone have as much like Like impact on future stories Claremont. Here besides like Kirby Stanley because it's just like yeah The Brood the cloning Charles. Here's Lockheed here's rogue. Here's the morlocks like just every issue is introducing stuff that will keep coming back like. Yeah right I mean obviously frank. Miller daredevil is Frank Miller's daredevil from this point forward char so that is a a tremendous influence but in terms of like I and that. And that's a pretty additive book when you consider Electra. And stick in the hand right. There's a lot of moral univer staple but he says adding a kingpin is so much like Claremont is just adding like buzzer lot more. It's lot by wikipedia. Word Count. He is adding like so much to the mythos of X. Men in a way that actually like sticks in matters right because like there's a lot of X. men backstory but you can just be like. Oh this never comes up again. That's all you think that. And then you're doing a men exploration youtube channel and all the sudden you realize some of this stuff matters. Yeah maybe that's me Anyway in Ankeny wants seventy two and one seventy three. It's going to be the wedding of Wolverine and Mexico and Rogue shows up now she just joined the X men. Did she need to come to the wedding? What's your take on? This clearly. Didn't have an invite. I didn't really think about it but yeah sure I did think about a lot. Was Wolverine Standing Five Foot two crushing a purple and up Beige Kimono? I would like one of those in my life and I would like to to man so it is a let me show. Wolverine GETS DRAWN. Really funny here sometimes like a pulse myth like has kind of different style for faces than a lot of what we've seen. Sometimes he goes like very off model and Wolverine particularly like stands. Out here Yes so like we get introduced to like America's having more like familiar strife her brother's a big Silver Samurai. He's pretty cool Better design than than anything else at the for sure. I mean like the stories stories. Not Bad it's just like it's not that complicated and other fine one it's rain viper of of Hydra teaming up The said the best part about it is one seventy three. We get the Wolverine and rogue so wolverine hates rogue at this point. I think it's important to remember a because she You know nearly killed and basically tried to kill charalambous Able in the Wolverine and the X men and friends with Carol So broken enemy. But basically she shows up wolverines like you. Guess Cool with this storms. Like your dog. And Wolverine doesn't trust her but she's the only one around to sort of help Tracked down the Silver Samurai in rogue ultimately begins to prove her heroism. But their journey. Together I think is is very interesting and quite well done in one seventy three when they go from Wolverine Literally says I want get you when they meet to Wolverine Sacrificing his own healing factor to bring rogue back by the end of the issue. I don't Know Li you say seven ten seconds Paul. You said that like There's some emotional moment here and I was just like yeah. I felt nothing is done for a single issue. I mean really like in the beginning I have. I'm not in front of Wolverine to stop a blast. And then you know. Wolverines been against her the whole time he lashes out at her and threatens his claws at her throat at one point when cheap jokes about kissing. I just don't heavens reason to like be interested in. I don't know like what her struggle is to fit in here like it doesn't really get that That flesh down next village. She's just notable ex. Well I know like her arc is. I'm good now. Let me prove it by being good in terms of how did she get to the point of joining them? No even in this issue like the Ark of like watching her progress from over is like all right. Well Prove yourself fighting with me. And it's a wolverine centric progression. It's from over vantage point if you're looking at rogues that's not really here. I'm not even looking. I'm just looking for something. Not Looking at the comics. Because you didn't remember that Charles has boy. I'm almost positive that you are going to go back and read them Major. Reread all right so That is once every two months seventy three am. I'M GONNA pause. Oh I think for two. Yeah who? Oh they don't get married. We fight that out of new one. Why don't they get married Zach because there's a man outside who we don't actually no? I don't think this gets resolved here. Maybe gets resolved a different issue but someone comes and Talks. Americo in basically you get the idea. It's not someone it's Cha Or is it Gardner Way. Hey America widely misinterpreted something then the guy with the sideburns that leads into his moustache so when I saw him. I thought it looked like Sebastian. Shaw Yeah Okay. Yeah but read one seventy five. I thought it was mastermind. Will that's mastermind in. That one's livenation win guard. I don't know if it's the same. I thought it was. Yeah no I'm right I'm right it's No miracle they're all of a sudden. There's a page right before the wedding and she's visited by mystery guests with sweet. Charles mastermind get to the final page of the wedding. And Mirko says I'm not marrying you because you're not worthy and Wolverine sheds a single tear and then one seventy five. We learn that this was in fact. Jason wingaard mastermind manipulating Mariko. And he's back in one seventy MANIP- making the X. Men think that I don king the Dark Phoenix. He can't let control people's mind he just gives them allusions. While I'm at they're they're very similar ideas. I mean he controls genius. Oh yeah okay. In many ways right like he is the difference between mastermind. Being purple man or cycling is almost negligible. No that's pretty different. Right like Chadula. He functions in these stories like aging perceived versus like your actions directly and Yeah he warns actions though into becoming the dark phoenix like mastermind door. Yeah Fair enough I just WanNa read this line for masterminds wikipedia page because I was trying to like find if it was him or not. It was just the sentence. Beginning of one of these paragraphs would introduce to name. More mastermind was not impressed remark that despite his fame. Neymar seem to be quote. Just a man in swimming trunks man.

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