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Get them up. Get them out of here here. Please okay if he's alive. Say though yeah you got up and you would not give in. Well would not give in my thought to myself. I'm never doing that again. But you got up you would not give in. Yeah is what i'm saying. I was different different situation. Like i was playing for something. I knew that that was my football career. This was it got up. I stood right up and wipe the dirt off of me. Cigarette butts out on that field kept moving. That's right see so you so you got a little bit enemy quickly. John rocklin. What's up. john. Hey come on guys i love you but i got a call young You know you're bluffing. You cut off your finger. I mean you wouldn't even get out of the cab when your partner was almost getting his kicks. Mike carlin like cutting off your finger iowa. John you're wrong on many points here and let me just give more accurate number one. I wasn't an in cab. An uber and it was a one of those top end. Tubers tau grab and it had tinted windows and everything else. I could sit there and watch this thing. And i didn't. I wanted to see going added on since. I want to see that the other thing by the way. It's not that. I would cut off a finger. You were asking if i was in the middle of the game and my finger. It happened to me. I could happen to running. What i what aren't writing lot didn't i. I'm sitting here telling you. Yes i would dangling i guess and he said hey guys are gonna lead the forty niners super bowl. They did say that would have been one hell of a statement. I tell you. I but still a lot of people in that. Spot would have wrapped up and added. He'll and we gotta play. I gotta go back and read exactly what it was and how that season ended if it was worth it for him and if he regrets it. I'm sure he's probably been on some radio interviews talking about that. I'm sure he has at some point. He may even have spoken to me about it. There's the peyton places on there you go about his finger. Yeah it was about running lot But he mentions that. So ronnie lott was so tuffy chopped his finger off. Here's an article on that. C is he was they in the headline ronnie law office so tough. That's kind of headline you want. Like he cut his finger off. But still anthony. Munoz has a more famous finger. Well anti muna's play with that finger to and that finger remain that way going ninety degrees to the right. Just think about that. In that game we had one guy with no finger and other guy whose finger hit a right angle on. And i had a teammate..

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