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Our two men who are incredibly successful cereal entrepreneur is the title for both of them didn't know that name existed into i read their bio's in goddamn it's impressive john fosko started mma stop what you have heard if you're in the nma operation now host a podcast with the other man on the line name cory gregory you might hurt or some of the should he's done muscle form took over the world for a little bit he was a cofounder now the these to have a podcast called biceps and business in there on a website called max effort muscle dot com which is just absolutely fantastic one of them used to work in a coal mine which is mindblowing how unhealthy that is a now he is one of the most fit humans on earth the other one started a business when he was twenty this is just see honor to have these two on the phone ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for john fosko and cory gregory had created veiled bedier everything good thank you well it's all true though i don't think i don't think anybody really thinks about how difficult it is to have a business get started up and to be successful and i'm a start with you cory real quick because we have a longer history together you're cofounder of a supplement company called muscle farm correct sir how did you get into that i've been looking into this there's no government regulations you just got to purchase shipped together and then you get to sell it the muscle farm was something that i enjoyed i took it it was the first supplement i ever took and it was a business a really launched you into ridiculous wealth amino talk another but also in the stratosphere when it comes entrepreneur was that something you've learned from is that what you're dream was was the goal muscle farm all that shit.

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