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Las Vegas dot com from Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This is PR in the performance racing network. Oh, God. Oh puts a big block on Truax and true ex nearly spot him in. Turn one rewind going into turn woman, Chris Buster in the middle. Austin Dillon has spun. He bypasses the front stretch to Kane of the Caution comes out handling slides right up in front of moment. Almost palpable down pillows to take down the back. Here comes back DiBenedetto gonna make it 41 into Turn four. Wow, can anybody hang on? And they do rather let the front street Tricks. Junior gets into the wall and then a host of other cars plow into Hamlin washes up the racetrack Guesthouse. Key now has the lead Once again. John 100 even checks Max and heart smoke. Trailing far behind again. Chase Elliott proves once again that he's Nascar's king of the road as he goes back to back in the Bank of America Robles 400 with a NASCAR Cup series races at Atlanta. Crystal, Charlotte, New Hampshire, Sanoma, Las Vegas and Texas. You hear it hear on PR in the performance Racing network. We're here in Las Vegas Motor Speedway getting set for a big Pennzoil 400. Joining us right now is the vice president of Shell, Pennzoil, Jim McCormick and Jim It's great to have you back here for the fourth annual Pennzoil 400. Now you guys always usually have really big display for the race fans, and I know we can't do that this year. So what is Pennzoil doing to keep the momentum going for the race? Obviously, it's been a difficult 11 months depend. Emmick has touched pretty much everyone in some way and Like many sponsors over this past year, we've had to adjust the way that we do things the way we engage with our customers and our race fans and enthusiasts, and we have put in place of great virtual factors where we can Bring both Las Vegas and the race experience the customers and fans that are honestly can't be there this year. So a couple things we did we created the great pencil Virtual Proving ground portal is a really cool one of a kind experience for fans. Where they can see what it might be like at the fourth annual pencil 400 years behind the scenes access to the on garage, there's a There's a closer look at Joey Logano's number 22 pencil for Mustang That's narrated by my great friend Larry McReynolds. And there's this Virtual racing game where you can race against Joey Logano at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Now we hosted if you will a night and virtual Vegas earlier this week, which was at home experience for some of our customers and fans and them. Lastly, bread. We hosted a virtual tell gate this morning for fans to interact with the pencil driver Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney, which which was very well received, And I keep thinking about racing against Joey Logano here. Las Vegas. That's kind of a tough proposition because he's actually put the pens well Car in Victory Lane the last two consecutive years. Is that not impressive and what are the chances about? You know what he's been amazing at this track For the last couple years, he's pulled off some winds and a really dramatic fashion, and we also have Ryan Blaney this year, driving the number 12 Pencil, Menard's Ford Mustang. So, as you know, our odds are even higher, and that's what we want in Vegas, right, Bretton? Absolutely Well, The cars look fantastic. Joe is going for three in a row. Here, you've doubled down when it comes to being able to put a pencil car in Victory Lane with Ryan Blaney as well. And we wish you guys the best of luck. But Jim, most of all we want to say a big thanks to Pennzoil for the sponsorship of the event and everything that you guys do to support NASCAR. Thank you, Brad. Good to talk to you. Jim McCormick, the vice president of Shell, Pennzoil. All right, Thanks a lot to Brad Gillie and Jim McCormick. One of the other good stories heading into this race revolves around Michael McDowell. Of course, this year's winner of the Daytona 500 He is back. Good run on the road course and they're very competitive Run at Homestead. Miami again. Top 10 finishes three races in a row for Michael McDowell. It took untold lap and told start 3 58 to get his first win. Between lap between starts 3 58 3 59 1st 1st back to back Top Tens, then starts 3 58 3 59 3 64 his first back to back to back top tens. That is how much of a surprise it is to have Michael McDowell three for three here at the start of the year. Last year, Michael McDowell scored four Top ten's All season long there three quarters of the way there right now, one of the things that they credit Is the fact that this will be the last year that we see this adoration of NASCAR Cup cars. We're going to the next generation car next year. What dramatic departure. And so the teams are not putting all of the research and NASCAR's kind of Capt. The parts and pieces and things they conduce. So I think this is leveled out the playing field just a little bit, And that's the speculation you get from teams like front. Even the top teams Doug talk about so you have what you have. And so these teams with lesser have been able to have a whole year of fine tuning and getting closer to the big boys and the other thing that I'll say Doug about the Michael McDowell story. It is testimony to just keep grinding. This is a guy who's been grinding for a long time. And you and I have both known him for a long time, and he's a guy that's always kept the faith. He's a Christian. He just said, Look, I'll just keep digging. Keep trying to do the right thing. It's eventually going to pay off. And it did so Michael McDowell today and the Loves Travel Center Fort rolls out in the fifth place spot in the starting lineup for the Pennzoil 400. It's time now for the O'Reilly Auto Parts Media Buzz brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts The police Spencer of racing boys dot com When you look at the first three winners of this yearly there Expected to say the least. So is there a reason that we could spot my just a wife? He's guys have one is supposed.

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