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Had years ago but he was like this really amazing i loved him so much but he had this really dear friend was i'm not going to say i just not gonna say his name but he had this really dear friend in the eighties and they lived in the virgin islands together and they got sober together and like they started like training for triathlons together and they just became like the best of friends and after like two years because i heard this story a lot about this friend of my stepdad's and basically had been friends for a couple years like that's when this friend started to kind of sharing with steve that he struggled suicidal idealization like all the time and it turned into this thing for blur like over the course of two years like if not once day like several times a week like he would be like threatening it talking about it and how all the times they tried because they were all in a they would try to get him into therapy they try to do ayla and he he eventually ended up taking his own life and there is no resource at the time for steve to like to to get him onto but also it became steve never said that it was like unhealthy for him but just listened to the stories and the amount of like law sleep and like he really wanted his best friend to make it and he didn't and so for the steve's the world i've also had something happened in the last few years where like i've had a very close friend with extreme you know mental illness it was like very very acute in like like it was not like beyond my pay grade but like in a loving way like i did not know how to deal with it and sometimes it's like do just need to call the like if it's like an a really cute emergency situation and because in this country we really don't have a way because of like if someone needs to be taken in you know you can't say like my friend needs to be taken in like that doesn't count like if you call the police if there's really an emergency so like for acute or like long standing depression people that like art like it's passed like a call to the trevor project and it's like intervention status what happens then well i think that brings another thing that people should not be afraid to do which is don't be afraid to ask people if they're thinking of killing themselves because a lot of times people worry while if i ask someone is going to make them more likely to kill themselves and there's a lot of research behind this asking someone if they're thinking of killing themselves does not make them more likely in fact it will get them talking and it's more likely to get them help so if you're talking someone and you think that they may be at risk of killing themselves you should actually ask them if they have a plan if they're planning on doing it and having that conversation if someone says that they are and that they have a plan to kill themselves in the near future then you still can call the trevor project but you also should consider calling emergency services to getting.

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