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Tom how much money they spend well in what it costs us in terms of prestige and diplomacy and process it was pretty expensive i mean one of the things that this proved is that hostage hostagetaking works in the north koreans have really played this master flare they've gotten just about everything they want out of this and they've given up well nothing frankly other than to give us some rhetorical promises about what they might think about perhaps talking about one day as far as i'm concerned this again i don't represent the government my personal view is that this is mostly over all that's left now is the handshake that kim jong un really wants for propaganda victory but the rest of it is is just the actress at this point jennifer if barack obama had been doing every single one of the things evelyn walked us through slapping tariffs on our allies yukking it up in the oval office with the spy chief for the north koreans fawning over a letter he hadn't read people like tom and i would be having a fit tom and i are still having a fit but unfortunately our friends on the right side of the aisle and the conservative side of the aisle have suspended all lot suspended all judgment and this is now all great because trump is doing this let me let me ask you two questions on that number one are you suggesting the barack obama was a better president donald trump.

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